How to build a family life

How to build a family life
 Work to improve family relationships - is a joint activity, one enthusiast situation will not change. It is important that all family members are aware of the need for positive change.
 Harmonious family relationships are built on the principles of mutual understanding and respect. Result of a breach of this balance are frequent disagreements, scandals and mistrust. In order to establish family relationships, it is necessary to determine the range of fundamental problems.

Psychologists recommend not just call them verbally and recorded on the sheet. It is also advisable to make a list of positive features of your family life, so you do not get the impression that all quite hopeless.

Then you need to develop a strategy of action that will help you improve family relationships. To begin to abandon the excessive control of their loved ones. Each person has a specific personal space invasion that causes a negative reaction.

Oversupply of care is also often becomes an occasion for quarrels. Excessive care of you, not only wrong, relatives, exposing their lack of independence of the people, but also prevents them grow through the acquisition of their own experience. To fix this you need to change the obsessive care for moderate support. It is useful to demonstrate the household that you believe in them, proud of their success.

Often the cause of family conflicts are everyday problems. Particularly acute men react to the lack of food in the fridge and a mess in the apartment. Therefore, to avoid conflicts, should clearly allocate domestic responsibilities between all family members. That does not mean that a wife should be uncomplaining cook, but if her responsibilities include cooking, the family should not go hungry. In the event of unforeseen circumstances it should ask someone from the family to help her.

In many cases, one spouse says: "We live badly, because he (she) is doing everything out of spite." But is it really? Often acts committed allegedly unfortunately, are the result of the fact that people simply do not know each other. As though it may sound paradoxical, but such examples are found even among those who have been married for a few years.

To test how well you know each other, you can spend a little test. You need to cut four cards of colored cardboard - two blue and two pink. Pink card symbolizes wife, blue - her husband. When you answer, they should not see each other, so it is advisable to put them back together. Then you need to test one card of each color and ask questions about both of them. For example, one of you more vulnerable? If the answer is a husband and wife are the same (they both raise the card of the same color), it is likely they know each other well. A large number of "differences" - a signal to the fact that we should get to know each other.

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