How to avoid conflicts in family life?

How to avoid conflicts in family life?
 "If your life is no conflict, check if you have a pulse," - says the proverb. Agree: eternal peace and harmony in family life impossible. Life - this is an inevitable clash of contradictions. But they can be used as a driving force, and how destructive force. Drown in negative emotions - a dead end road. Conflicts should be avoided. The family - especially.

Causes of family dramas can be set, and one of them - the nervous atmosphere in the family due to frequent conflicts. Meanwhile, the rebirth of ordinary disputes from escalating into conflicts can be prevented.

Any family - individual, and in the privacy of each will be specific causes of conflict. Common to many families are social factors: the deterioration of the financial situation, excessive stress at work, inadequate professional level of spouse employment, lack of housing, kindergarten etc. Affects the harmonious communion couples too much difference in the level of education, intellectual development, life experience, education. Its role in disorders plays incompatibility habits, behavior and actions. But families where the husband and wife are looking for understanding, support each other in difficult situations - remain. And stronger.

Let us not forget that the main content of family ties make interpersonal relationships - love, respect, affection, kinship, as well as the legal and moral obligations. The family has a lot of unique features. On strict scientific language they are formulated as follows: reproductive, educational, economic, business, recreational (support health, leisure and recreation planning, organizing mutual), communicative. The decision of any question on any of the items listed the couple may have different approaches, views, opinions. Here you have an occasion for family disputes which at the unwillingness to understand, to hear each other grow into a serious quarrel.

What does it mean - to hear? It means to escape from the swarm of his own thoughts and emotions and focus on that expresses and that the other person is going through. At the same time try not to judge the thoughts of the speaker with a pre-planned negative attitude. It is important to refrain from abusive language, humiliation partner, show mutual readiness for dialogue.

Can not be guided by a guide: in whatever was to insist on its right, win, gain the upper hand. Confrontation to an agreement will not. Maximalism, categorical - a big obstacle in establishing normal communication. Ask yourself this question: Is it absolutely correct and infallible your point of view? Discuss the problem calmly, find common ground. Do your best to compromise and concessions!

Recommendations for the prevention of conflicts in the family are simple, but effective, if done with the installation of peace and harmony:

1. Do not hoard offense does not constitute a mental list of errors and sins of the second half, and react to this or that act immediately. With such an approach will not critical accumulation of negative emotions. Not stated reproaches to each other in the presence of others - children, relatives, friends and guests.
2. Do not exaggerate in clarifying the relationship positive personal qualities and virtues. Never consider yourself the ultimate truth.
3. Do not affix labels: do not do in a conversation-argument insulting generalizations, and lead the conversation only about the behavior in a particular situation.
4. Do not waste your strength to prove any facts that are important for family welfare.
5. Establishment of mutual understanding - it is two. Not to get involved in their conflicts loved ones - children, parents, friends, acquaintances, neighbors.
6. Try to briefly sometimes separated to rest apart from the emotional and psychological oversaturation of everyday communication.
7.Bolshe trust each other. Learn to forgive.

 Moral and emotional support, consistent and joyful parenting, creation of organic household way of both spouses - a lot of work. Without effort, work on yourself every harmonious family life can not be built.

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