Financial well-being - the basis of a strong family?

Financial well-being - the basis of a strong family?
 How often in family discord and divorce blame sexual incompatibility spouses! However, based on life experience, more often the cause of family quarrels can be called financial distress of the family.

Romance life is not limited. After completing candy buketny period, you enter into the next stage. And this stage will involve the purchase and construction of housing, the birth of children, total family income, etc. Sooner or later the financial question arises almost before any young family. It needs to be solved in the light of the day, carefully weighing all the arguments.

Funny, but talk in the community about the money just indecent as about sex. Sex, in itself, is not able to be the foundation of a strong and loving family. The same way? as well as money. But if there is between two people love, harmonious financial and sexual relations will only strengthen her.

Thus, those destined for the decay of the family, where no one component. What to do in this case? Financiers, like the sexologists, the council will be one - to do everything to resolve this shortage.

First of all, talk to your spouse's financial problem. Express your desires and claims. It so happens that most of the family budget makes one of the spouses. In this case, he can afford to reproaches about the financial insolvency of the second. Or both earn and each all his own - his wallet, their spending, their dreams. Neither the first nor the second option should not be. Family budget should be common, other than the out of pocket expenses. And if one spouse does not work, then it makes some other contribution to the family (children are brought up, for example) and it should be also evaluated.

The next step - set your life goals and priorities. This list should be clear that your relationship is stable and developed. For example, a husband can start saving money at the expense of his wife, to provide her with a comfortable old age. Is this not an admission that he loves her and cherish her? Or to set up a trust account for your child so that he could easily get a higher education institution or at best to buy a place to live in 25 years Goals should be realistic - take a calculator and count.

Set your goals, discuss ways to achieve financial basis for these purposes. To do this, divide responsibilities. For example, one spouse makes irrational food purchases. Naturally, it should be exempt from this obligation to the family budget did not suffer. Be sure to take a monthly budget for necessary expenses and refuse it not. To do this, you may have to sacrifice something, for example, weekly gatherings at the cafe. But if the goals are set really well, then you're both easy to agree to give up some spending.

The last step - decide where to invest money. Most likely, you'll have to consult with the financiers. Do not avoid this - to get at the bait scammers or invest in MMM is much worse than pay a specialist for practical advice.

What do you achieve by doing all of these recommendations? Confidence in the future, stability, prosperity, etc. All this is within your power. Thus, the financial well-being, along with love and harmonious sexual life, will be the basis of your strong family.

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