Family therapy and its goals

Family therapy and its goals
 To date, family therapy is a popular trend in social work in Russia. Preservation of harmony in the family, as well as the development of family relations - the most popular questions that require competent decisions within psychotherapy. These classes provide an opportunity not only to understand the family problems, but also to determine its own position in the family and society as a whole.

Family therapy is a method of psychological support to the family and each member separately. The therapist combines several types of consultations: simultaneous communication with all members of the family, individual interviews, as well as dialogues between individual members. These manipulations are required for the most complete picture of inter-family relations, the causes of problems and their effective resolution. In this approach, the family is seen as an integral organism with its laws, procedures and standards of conduct.

Psychotherapists in family psychology work with any problems that arise within a particular family. For example, variations in the child's behavior problems in the relationship of husband and wife, conflicts with family members, various kinds of addiction, phobias, etc.

Within the framework of family therapy, the therapist sets specific goals that the family (all members) should reach at the end of a course of therapy:

- Contribute to a true understanding of each member of the family of their partners in dialogue.
- Learn to respond adequately to the actions of partners, as well as the timely prevention provokes irritation action.
- Develop the skills of effective joint problem solving in any family member.
- Find ways to ensure a comfortable atmosphere for harmonious cohabitation.

Such an approach in solving family problems may cause confusion among individual family members. After all, family therapy involves solving problems of any party on means of participation in family therapy. This is because the occurrence of problematic situations, one family member, for example, a child may be caused by interaction violation other relatives, such as parents. As part of the therapy, the therapist seeks to discover the true causes of problem behavior, make them obvious to all participants in the family, and to help prevent them in the future.

It is important to know that family therapy - is not trivial asking family relations, and the formation of a new system of interactions within the family, in which the interests of all its members must be taken into account! The success of the treatment will depend on the wishes and aspirations of the entire family deal with the situation and prevent them in the future.

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