Family law: how to apply for child support?

Family law: how to apply for child support?
 Family boat crashed against life and circumstances have forced you to divorce her husband. However, after breaking up, he decided not only to disappear from your life, but forget about the existence of common children. If a man refuses flatly voluntary financial assistance joint child, you have the right to file for child support.
 Modern Russian family law obliges parents to endow their children up to the age of their equally. So the mother can lead to the execution of a former spouse of the duties prescribed by law.

Undoubtedly, any lawyer will advise you to try to achieve clearance of maintenance obligations by drafting and signing of a peace agreement on the payment of alimony. However, such a resolution of the situation is only possible if your husband is not hiding from the payment of child support and is ready to help your child financially by virtue of its features. Such a document drawn up and signed by the notary in the presence of both sides, otherwise it is considered invalid.

If a man does not want to share earned with your own child, it is necessary to solve this problem with the help of the judiciary. Family and Civil Procedure Code fix the following order of alimony proceedings:

1. The first stage - the collection of necessary documents. To apply for the recovery of the court, you will need to provide a statement drawn up by itself directly own or at least signed by your hand. To him you will have to attach a notarized copy of the marriage certificate, an extract from the house register at his residence or the residence of the child and the receipt confirming payment of the registration fee. One copy of each document, leave yourself. At the end of trial, you can order the defendant to refund it in full size. If you have a letter from her husband in which he refuses to participate financially in the fate of the children, or witness, ready to confirm your words - feel free to resort to this proof.

2. All documents must be submitted to the court, which territorial jurisdiction of the case. Do not treat the statement to a magistrate - wasting your time. The legislator requires you to supply the materials collected exclusively to the District Court. You can do this by visiting it in the designated days of reception of citizens or by sending an application accompanied by registered letter with acknowledgment.

3. Having reviewed your claim, the court will set a date of the case, and the defendant notify you by presenting the agenda. If your husband refuses three times to attend the meeting, a decision will be taken in his absence. The size and order of payment determined by the judge.

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