Divorce in Hollywood: the absurd details of marriage contracts

Divorce in Hollywood: the absurd details of marriage contracts
 Over the past 20 years, the wedding is not only associated with a table, a white dress and champagne, but also with the marriage contract. This form of protection of property and relations resorted to as "death" and the world-famous celebrities.

Most often, marriage contracts are signed in order to protect their money from neblagovernoy half. For example, Britney Spears in a divorce from Kevin Federline gave him only one million dollars, and not half of his fortune, as required by law. This item can be found quite often in the marriage contract stars, but you have seen that for the marriage were paid?

This was the case in the family of Liz Taylor and Larry Fortensky truck driver. Last for every five years of marriage, the contract was to receive one million dollars. A good way to make money, is not it? However, the relationship Suite not last five years, so Fortenski gone from star "modest" millionaire.

Not uncommon in Hollywood is a contract prohibiting something to do side. For example, the wife Nicole Kidman Keith Urban prohibited drugs. If he is found guilty of this, he will not get laid 640,000 a year. But Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards did not have to change each other. Devotees party is obliged to pay / her spouse 4 million. Dollars. Here it is the price of betrayal!

There are also pretty meaningless provisions on the expiration of the contract. For example, Jack Welch and Jane entered into a contract with a ten-year power. According to this document, the wife of the chairman of the board of directors of General Electric Company receives a fairly modest sum in the event of divorce. After ten years of marriage, Jane filed for divorce and got exactly half of the state's ex-husband.

Most of marital contracts contain clauses on children. This is not surprising, because the stars and want to take care of the younger generation. But mention the treaties gardeners, cleaners pools, maids and pets can cause some confusion.

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