Divorce - end or the beginning?

Divorce - end or the beginning?
 On the wedding day, few people think about how long or short will be a marriage. All talk and toasts are raised for a happy family life, a warm home and smart beautiful babies. But not always a dream come true. Some people become so estranged that divorce is inevitable.
 If you find that divorce is inevitable, we must try to control myself. Whoever was the initiator, the forces need both. Firstly, in order to adapt to life in solitude. And secondly, to establish at least a neutral relationship with the former spouse. Which is especially important if there are children in the family.

Divorce should not be taken as the end of the world. This is just another stage of life. While no one can answer that lies ahead. But it's definitely something new, because you have changed. Now you have the experience, have an understanding of what you really want. There were other goals, all the problems are now seen several different angle. Most importantly, do not withdraw into themselves or continuously scroll in the head causes a divorce. This has already happened, leave the sad thoughts in the past. To think more about this, the more free time now that abound.

What are the advantages of living in solitude? No one controls your actions and does not require the report, where you went and when you come. No wishing to count the number of pairs of shoes in your closet, and condemn you for buying yet another sandals. You can prepare meals whenever you want, and the one you want. You can easily stay at work late into the night gatherings. You quietly go on business trips and take up the implementation of new projects that require absolute returns. Your career is going up rapidly, and material well-being is growing. But all this will only happen in the event that after the divorce you will not cry and feel sorry for yourself, and with head held high rush towards his own goal.

It is when you become free and independent, you find a man who can understand you. And you will be happy that just tore unfortunate alliance that serves as an obstacle to get acquainted with true love.

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