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 "Guys are so many idle, and I love married! "Song of the once-popular film perfectly captures the essence of the problem. What makes a woman fall in love with a person related by marriage? Like enough around free men, is, from whom to choose, and irresistibly drawn to someone's lawful husband.

This problem does not leave anyone indifferent: too expensive may be the price of such a love! Sometimes collapse, it would seem, the strongest family. Someone accuses dramatically just such lovers to build happiness on someone else's grief. Like, someone else's husband - is the same as someone else's property, do not you dare encroach! Others object: Lawless Heart! Well, a crush. But my husband, if he values ​​his family, had her right to say: "I have a wife, kids, look yourself another! "Still others assert:" A husband is what is, not a man, he can not fall in love? And if the wife he was boring, idler, skandalistki? And if she is in bed - log log? He also wants the same human happiness! "Really, how many people, so many opinions.

What is the cause of this problem? There is no single answer, and can not be.

Firstly, really - "Lawless Heart." Even the most restrained, modest woman, brought up in the Puritan or a religious spirit, can suddenly fall in love so that it will cease to exist any rules and restrictions. Feelings of shame and sin, stigmatization, even grief of another woman - all this now seems to her a negligible detail.

Secondly, one can not discount the sad realities. Alas, not always "guys so much idle." And before it was: "... ten girls - according to statistics, nine guys! "Now the situation only worsened. And if you remember even alcoholism - the bane of the male population of Russia. Sometimes a woman and fall in love is not in anyone but as a married!

Third, in the fairer sex is very developed maternal instincts. If a man like a woman, and at the same time, it felt unhappy (problems in the service, shrewish wife, ungrateful children, no one understands him and appreciates), it often has a burning desire to correct this injustice. That is, take the sufferer under her wing, comfort, prigolubit. Which, incidentally, are some men who choose to have a mistress!

Fourth, sometimes triggered a real selfishness and envy. Someone else's husband gone, as they say, out of principle. "What have I done this Zina (Lenka, Katka, Mashkov)? I and prettier and better cook and sew, and knit, and the house - not a speck of dust. These lentyaek - wonderful husband, and I have no one pays any attention. Do not be! "That break other people's families.
Yes reasons still chock-full!

Can be any number of hunters for abusing other people's husbands. But - "Judge not, and do not be judged! »

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