A good husband: how to nurture

A good husband: how to nurture
 The ability to influence the husband is considered to be in the family life of aerobatics. Wife should be just ace. Sometimes it is enough to convince her husband of something or just to ask him about something, and sometimes you have to, and cry till you get what you want. Smart spouse starts to develop ambition and vanity of her husband immediately after the wedding. Man loves praise, he always wants to hear from his wife, which he is a talented and brilliant as believe in him and are proud of.

Sculpt the image and likeness

No wonder some husbands are working day and night, trying to achieve a high status. They want to look like their favorite wives, like real miners, even knowing that their vanity led by his wife, skillfully steered to the correct path. You will be able to teach her husband to tenderness. Women are making this trick every now and then applying the carrot and stick in relation to men.

With the qualities of a competent and intelligent educator, wife of "sculpt" a good husband, because he is not given to "God" as a result of daily labor patient wife.

Try to avoid quarrels and scandals in the family. Do stupid hysterical claims even with eternal good husband will be nervous failure.

The man - a big baby

You need to take her husband as "big baby" and use the right direction his good qualities. Once again praised her husband, clever wife will achieve the desired faster than going to the conflict. But sometimes it is necessary and persistent. You need to take your child for who he is, because the mother herself gave birth to him and raised. The kid will be the way it was brought up. You also need to apply to the husband, you have chosen for yourself it yourself!

The trick is not a vice

Mutual "lapping" spouse does not always go smoothly. Men in a rush to defend their "ego" have active opposition. In this case, the wife should act subtly, without requiring urgent implementation of its demands. Yielding and making humble view, you get to "take revenge" next time. Husband did not notice tricks. Protecting their self-esteem, a man does not want "to be under the thumb of" the wife. He cherishes self-esteem, making decisions himself, as head of the family.

Not persuade him. Need to pretend that he is right and do differently. Clever husband would say nothing, maintaining the status of the head.

Do not argue with him when he's hungry

The path to a man's heart is through his stomach. Feed him, and then solve their problems. In this case, the wife should be tactful but firm. The man is afraid of family quarrels. He is forced to respond if the wife humiliates him with reproaches. To avoid scandal, her husband would say nothing, and his wife will win another victory in the fight called "marriage." Understand that it's important now is to learn how to tactfully bring up her husband than to think about how to be happy without her husband.

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