Weddings in Cyprus

Weddings in Cyprus
 Wedding ceremony - a traditional and beautiful way to legitimize the relationship of lovers. This day will remain in memory for a lifetime. Therefore it is necessary to think in advance about where and how to organize it. It is no coincidence, many couples choose for their wedding island of love - Cyprus.
 Residents of the island respect their traditions: their weddings often take place with the wedding ceremony. Sunny island of Cyprus, rich cultural heritage, and to welcome the future newlyweds from other countries. Local cuisine, customs and romantic beauty of the land of Aphrodite rather have to hold the wedding feast.

There are two options for the wedding ceremony. The first is a formal procedure for the registration of marriage to marriage in the municipality. The second option - holding a symbolic wedding ceremony.
For the official registration of marriage you need a basic package of documents, including internal passport, passport, birth certificate and a notarized statement from the registry office that you are not currently married. Do not forget a certificate of divorce or death of the former spouse (wife), if previously married. The documents must be translated into English.

Carrying a symbolic wedding helps avoid paper problems. Therefore, many couples stop their attention on such a variant of the celebration. Registered marriages in their homeland, they bought a symbolic wedding in Cyprus, inviting friends and guests.

In Cyprus, for loving all the conditions for weddings in many different styles. Triumph can be organized on a wild beach and the picturesque Greek tavern. Newlyweds can join their hearts on board white yachts or say mutual vows at the walls of the ancient churches and monasteries.

Carried out by a professional photographer photo shoot or video will help save the most spectacular moments of this wonderful day, and the Mediterranean climate and the beautiful sea will support your health and strength.

Thinking about whether or not to conduct a wedding in Cyprus, do not rush. Such an event, celebrated on this earth, will always have an impact on your future family relations. To love warmed your heart for years to come, it is important to take seriously the marriage ceremony, excluding idea about it, just as prestigious and ostentatious action.

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