Wedding: User survival

Wedding: User survival
 Wedding - is always exciting and full of anticipation of a holiday. Triumph planned in advance, but, nevertheless, it is practically impossible for him to avoid contingencies. Not to fall on someone else's wedding in an awkward situation and does not catch sidelong glances, enough to know a few rules.
 If you are invited to the wedding, and you absolutely think this marriage a mistake, do not talk about it, especially the groom or bride. Their decisions will not change, but you can begin to treat not friendly.

It is better to take care of the dress and the present. The best option will be an evening dress. But in any case, do not wear dress smarter than the bride's dress. If you were asked to be a witness, avoid bright red - can not understand. White clothes are forbidden to all but the bride and groom.

Wedding gift should be chosen for the couple. Usually its value should correspond to scale celebration. However, if you are strapped for cash - gave a present to young inexpensive "with meaning." In recent years, the bride and groom are increasingly asking to give them money - it is quite normal.

At a banquet not discuss with neighbors newlyweds. For example, do not actively participate in gossip, how much was spent on the wedding, as the bride and groom before marriage had a falling out, etc. There are a lot of "extra ear", and your revelation may come to bite you.

If your neighbor or neighbor is trying to draw you into such a conversation, politely excuse yourself and walk to the bathroom, or join a group of dancing or smoking. But do not try to escape to tell the couple that he thinks of them something.

Wedding banquet usually runs toastmaster. He usually is a celebration and alternates toasts and dancing with various competitions. Sometimes they can be too silly or trite. In this case, toastmaster put in place. You should not hang back and trouble, but also the conditions of competition is unnecessary.

For example, if you offer to lick the cream off the face of the unknown drunken men, ask toastmaster show you an example. If he agrees, until recently, to convince him that you are not well understood. Clothespins (or other objects), which lead to the rules of the competition offers, "decorate" their expensive hairstyle, you can attach to him. Competition, of course, will be torn down, but the guests have fun with all the heart, and for you the reputation of the queen of the evening.

If the master of ceremonies, the parents of the newlyweds or they ask you to make a toast, do not run and do not make excuses. After all, it is not necessary to say a magnificent speech - it will be enough a few warm words to the young. But in any case, do not remind their past quarrels. Better and safer to wish them happiness in a long married life.

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