Marriage contract: Gotta

Marriage contract: Gotta
 Wedding - one of the most important events in the lives of men and women. Flowers, champagne, rings ... Life seems cloudless and bright, nothing can disturb your romantic feelings. But what is a romance interfere with business relationships? Why do you need a prenuptial agreement? Do I need to make it at all?

A marriage contract regulates primarily property relations between spouses in case of divorce. In the Russian tradition is not taken in advance to think about divorce, but in European countries, most couples enter into a marriage contract in advance, and gradually the Russians are beginning to follow suit.

The Family Code states that in case of divorce property acquired together, divided equally, regardless of what kind of contribution to the purchase made or that spouse. However, if divorce is often conflicts arise, who flat, to whom the car and that in general has been acquired together. It can reach up to the trial, and to fight, and even assassinations. To avoid all this, conscious bride and groom (interestingly, more often it occurs in adulthood) to specify in advance the conditions under which their property will be distributed if the marriage will fail.

The marriage contract - of course, the phenomenon is not romantic. Woman in love is hard to even think about the day when you have to leave, and even share with your chosen some things. However, it was he who can protect you from unfair harassment spouse. For example, if you are over the family life working tirelessly on your money was bought almost all the property, a prenuptial agreement can help you not to lose honestly earned, which is particularly disappointing, if the spouse does not help you. If the husband refuses to divide the property, in the presence of a marriage contract, you can go to court. Also for family life is quite possible to change the marriage contract, supplement it or opt out of this document, but only with the consent of both spouses.

As can be seen, when drawing up a contract of marriage - is not easy, but not too much. In life, it may happen different, and better to be prepared for possible trouble in advance. In addition, the conclusion of the contract and to discuss its terms helps to learn more about its second half.

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