Christmas wedding - double celebration

Christmas wedding - double celebration
 New Year's celebration - special. It just so happens that people are waiting for him with a special excitement and impatience: all the hassle and trouble to want to leave in the past year, but from the coming year are just waiting for good and light. If even combine the New Year coming to the wedding, it will be a truly unforgettable 31st December!
 The combination of special, fabulous atmosphere at the turn of the change's to the wedding ceremony - is something magical, unique! This wedding is really incredibly romantic. It certainly will be remembered and newlyweds, and all participants of the celebration. How to make so that the wedding was a real Christmas tale - the good, instructive, unforgettable?

First of all, we must unleash the imagination, resolutely rejecting all the templates and standards. Arguments like: "But since time immemorial was made" in the New Year's Eve is not active! Once the couple, their families and guests were in a fairy tale, so everything has to be like a fairy tale. You can even encroach on the "holy of holies" - the clothes the bride and groom. Who said that New Year's Eve young wife must necessarily be in a white dress? Makeshift suit Snow Maiden, honestly, would be much better and more natural! Similarly, the young husband instead of strict dark suit is fine robe of Santa Claus.

Or contests held by one and the same scenario. Let's be honest: many weddings they performed only because "so it is accepted," and no particular pleasure from this experience is not present. Only to depart unhappy "obyazalovke." And if instead of them New Year's Eve to arrange an amateur performance or masquerade ball? Yes, even with the original prizes, and relevant topics Christmas? Guests will enjoy it a lot more!

Of course, you must make the appropriate changes in the decoration of the wedding hall. In lieu of flowers and all kinds of balloons to be used fir, pine and spruce branches with Christmas decorations, both singly and in combination as decorations. In addition to the external beauty, they will fill the room a pleasant aroma of coniferous freshness.

And, of course, that the holiday really succeeded and delivered a genuine pleasure to all present, do not abuse alcohol. Caution must be reasonable moderation. However, since it is necessary to behave not only in New Year's Eve!

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