Wedding mania: the deadline is canceled!

Wedding mania: the deadline is canceled!
 State "married unbearable" does not help to solve the problems in his personal life. It is really to get married after 30 years, although this period some consider critical. No prejudices! Smart women can freely ignore public opinion on this matter.
 Couples who marry later divorced less. With age, people get emotional maturity. As a result scandals becomes smaller, and the optimum trade-offs - more. After 25 years of mature cortex of the brain responsible for emotional self-control. And this is reflected in the relationship.

Older women are often more interesting and successful man thinks. Of course, some men to attract young and naive, but this kind of men clever woman should not be considered as a serious candidate for a husband. After all, youth, and naiveté successfully treated time, and such a man goes in search of "fresh" girlfriend.

Grown-up people are more prone to self-criticism, which allows them to recognize problems in relationships before. They are more likely to seek professional help for marital problems. And it lets you see trouble in the early stages of a relationship. In the relaxed atmosphere of their children grow more harmoniously developed people.

About Biological aspect of the issue. If you do not plan to be a mother of many children, the marriage is quite possible to wait, there are examples of women who give birth safely two or more children, married after 35 years. Therefore, in the 30 to talk about the "biological clock" early. So do not give in to psychological pressure, and build your life as it is more convenient to you.

People who marry late, appreciate their partners more. If the husband is the long-awaited, then the attitude will be more anxious and careful. Besides adult woman knows better themselves and their desires, but because from the height of experience can take a more reasonable solution, unless, of course, will not succumb to panic and not marry the first to offer.

Many fear that good men just "disassemble" if the woman will be a long wait. In fact, some truth in this statement is. However, very many worthy men do not want to get married rather advanced age, spending more time career. In addition, by the age of 30, there are many divorced men who understand that should not hurry. Of course, not all are able to come to terms with the presence of children in the chosen one, but it's not the worst option.

Even the men often complain that it is difficult to find a woman to have an interesting age without children. Men seldom able to take someone else's baby, and marry a divorced agree not everyone usually prefer to never-married. Therefore, if you are not married early and do not have kids, you will have a great advantage over a divorced woman with children.

You need to get married just for a decent and loved. Deadlines are good in business, in their personal lives, they are inappropriate.

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