Wedding at the Pole

Wedding at the Pole
 Wedding with a loved one - is an important day in my life and I want to make it memorable. You can arrange an unusual wedding on exotic islands, original dress or use instead of Mendelssohn's march to rock music. Not less than the original leaves wedding at the North Pole - today this opportunity is open to all.
 Wedding at the Pole is possible only in April - at this time the polar night and ends at the North Pole starts drifting Barneo. On the ice becomes comfortable and cozy, and the light - it's the best time for the wedding ceremony. Each year, the camp became a tourist and scientific center, it is built ice airfield, which receives regular flights.

To perform a wedding ceremony in the Arctic, you have to first fly to the Norwegian city Logyir on Svalbard. Here you can stay in a hotel, and then on the AN-74 aircraft you will be taken to the ice base "Barneo". Next, a helicopter with a couple of employees take you to the North Pole itself.

Wedding ceremony can hold an authorized employee of the ice station or priest (if you bring it with you). Photo on memory, walks around the neighborhood, a bottle of champagne - and you will return to the station, with the knowledge that married in a place where there are all the meridians, at the northernmost point of the planet.

Of course, you have to give up a magnificent banquet, although the station has a cafe, where in a solemn ceremony to congratulate you and hand over the wedding certificate. Instead of hundreds of guests invited 10-15 closest and frost. Clothing designed in advance - no hooped dresses and shoes. It is best to come up with its own version of the dress, for example, put on top of the duvet jumpsuit long silk skirt, and warm white fur coat complement the image.

The first wedding night will be held for you in a separate heated tent on a drifting ice floe in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. If you are not afraid of difficulties and enjoy the romance - this option is for you.

Optionally, you can order a hike on the glacier, dog sledding, sightseeing in coal mines and other cultural and entertainment program. In addition, the ice base has a sauna, which will warm you in the cold Arctic.

When you select the original wedding tour, note that non-flying weather conditions and extraordinary situations for this area - a common occurrence, so better to issue an insurance policy.

Wedding at the North Pole - a symbolic marriage which has no legal force. On arrival in his home town you have to get an official confirmation of marriage and formalize relations in their own registry office. But you will get an unforgettable experience, you will see vast expanses of snow, you will learn the sound of silence and feel like pioneers.

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