Want to get married ... Why? ..

Want to get married ... Why? ..
 With each new birthday you hear the insistent question from others: "When married, then? ". Society puts pressure on unmarried women and, in the end, contributes to the formation of the complex and the mad desire to get married. But before you tie the knot, try to evaluate the pros and cons of such an event. And in general, it is necessary marriage really?

Like any social phenomenon, in marriage there are both positive side and negative. However, not all aspects of family life can be clearly attributed to one side or another, for different people can be cons pros and cons - pros.

Most often subjected to discuss the financial issue. Seems familiar situation in which a woman is looking for a "parti" for marriage, a man capable of providing. But sometimes it also happens that a woman earns much more than the chosen one. And then it is likely to get married when no stability and peace, and new spending. Percentage of infantile men is growing every year, and nobody will be surprised husband Alfonso. Another question - is not it easier then do not get married? Also, do not forget that in a divorce marital property is divided equally between the spouses.

It is also important to consider the aspect of communication with other men. If you like to be in the company of men, like men's attention, maybe even allow yourself to share flirting, keep in mind that a married woman such behavior will be much less than is permissible. And the husband does not slow down to claim their rights to you.

A big plus stamp in your passport - his legal protection. If disaster struck suddenly, it does not take much to prove your involvement in her husband's life. Wife has a priority right to visit her husband in hospital, decisions about treatment, if the husband is unconscious. The same arguments hold for the reverse situation: if you something happens, the husband will be able to influence the course of events.

Also married increasingly easier to make out some paperwork, ignoring the notarized power of attorney. For example, to register the child in the registry office will be able to your spouse without your presence, while an unmarried woman should certainly be present at the registration procedure. True, there is a downside - there are cases in which husbands draw up documents in such a way that it would be better to do it yourself.

Banks are more likely to trust the borrowers who are married. Why is the case, difficult to understand, but the fact remains - much easier to get a loan, having a stamp in your passport. Moreover, many banks are developing special loans to households, and the conditions they are usually far better standard offer. By the way, and in some insurance fact of the marriage bond can properly reduce the amount of insurance.

It would seem that there is a situation in which marriage is a must - in the presence of common children. But, in fact, there is much more important, is there any record of paternity on the birth certificate and stamp the role and did not play. Much more difficult for public opinion, but the idea that children should be born only in marriage, gradually themselves obsolete.

In any case, the marriage must be based on love and harmony. If you are not sure that we are ready at this time to take on this responsibility as marriage, if you do not believe in a partner, you may want to postpone the decision for a while and understand yourself.

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