Time of year and the wedding: how to find the perfect combination

Time of year and the wedding: how to find the perfect combination
 If there is no urgency to get married, and the bride and groom are able to choose a suitable date, they should think about at what time of the year should get married. Each season has its own characteristics that are important to consider.
 The most popular are the summer wedding. This is not surprising: in the summer you can make a wonderful walk, to celebrate nature, do a lot of great shots and implement a variety of wedding scenario until Jousting tournaments or a fun trip on the boat.

There are, however, a number of difficulties. The main of them - the very popular summer weddings. To the registrar are huge queues, the best photo and video operators to schedule for a month and a half ahead, the cost of services Toastmaster increases and rent a desired restaurant is very difficult. In addition, during a wedding a walk on the best streets newlyweds should be prepared for a meeting with dozens of couples who want to spend a photo shoot in the same places.

Spring - very romantic, but at the same time insidious season. In March-April wishing to marry is not too much, so that it is possible and povybirat staff at the wedding, and make wonderful pictures on the background of young awakening of nature. However, it should be prepared for the fact that the streets will not be too clean and groom accidentally stepped in a puddle, or the more slipping, can spoil the dress and shoes. In addition, young at risk of catching a cold. Finally, another disadvantage: the spring is not enough fruits and vegetables, and their cost is high, so that the organization of festive dinner will have to spend a lot of money.

In the autumn, on the other hand, problems with berries, fruits and vegetables do not like flowers. In addition, during the Indian summer set a wonderful weather, located to wedding celebrations and walks in nature. It is for these reasons to marry at this time, as a rule, many wish that creates certain difficulties. With regard to late autumn, it has the same drawbacks as the early spring: mud, cold and high risk of colds.

Finally, in the winter, you can easily sign up for the ceremony in any registry office, rent any restaurant and hire the right people, though perhaps at a discount. Excellent photo session can be arranged in a specially rented premises, including studios. But there are also disadvantages: about any outing, as a celebration of nature can not be considered. There can be problems with transport. In addition to the bride's dress and still have to buy a wedding coat, but even in this case, it runs the risk of freeze and easy, and the groom will have hard times.

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