There is no reason to "yes"

There is no reason to "yes"
 In the relations between men and women play an important role such a thing as compatibility. Moreover, we have in mind not only the sexual compatibility, but also psychological and business. In the absence of any of these three components as a man and a woman have a situation where there is no reason to respond to the partner "yes."

In general, under the compatibility of men and women is the ability of two different people to understand each other, to facilitate the successful overcoming troubles, joint success and the development of skills you the most pleasure from all walks of life. This compatibility leads to the fact that a man and woman talking the same language, intuitively begin to feel the needs and desires of each other.

Moreover, compatibility does not mean the ability of partners to guess desires the opposite side from the first sight, and does not necessarily imply the presence of a consensus on all issues. From the point of view of psychologists, compatibility is a common view of the fundamental things such as love, religion, parenting rights and duties of husband and wife. But the most important thing that people have a desire to compromise, the ability to sacrifice their own interests for the interests of others.

If two people do not have the psychological compatibility, but are attracted to each other sexually, saying to each other "yes", then in the end such a union is doomed to separation. Similarly, sexual compatibility is impossible without a complete union of man and woman. In general, sexual compatibility can solve many conflicts especially in the initial stage of the relationship, but, unfortunately, it can also trigger the flash of jealousy and scandals associated with a lack of understanding of each other.

Business compatibility refers to the ability of men and women to joint work. When they realize that working together towards a common goal is not possible, then it is another reason to say to each other "no."

Summing up the above, it should be noted that the relationship between men and women, excluding the positive response occur in those cases where it is clear that not psychological, sexual, and business compatibility. In the presence of at least one component and the desire to be together you can always try to find a reason to say "yes."

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