The marriage contract in Russian

The marriage contract in Russian
 The marriage contract as a civilized way of distribution of rights and responsibilities of spouses, has long been a common practice in the West. Russian laws provide some nuances that are not characteristic for such foreign agreements.

"If I had known where to fall, straws would spread"

The marriage contract can be concluded as at marriage and at any time after its conclusion throughout life together with the mutual desire of the parties and their personal presence. Rights and duties are determined by the spouses themselves, they can apply not only to the period of living together, but also to come into effect from the date of dissolution of marriage.

The marriage contract is not valid without approval by a notary. For certification must pay the state fee. Each spouse receives one copy of the contract drawn up in free writing, the third copy shall be retained by the notary.

Agreement shall enter into force on the date of registration of marriage. In case of cancellation of registration shall be deemed invalid.

The marriage contract regulates only the property interests of the spouses. It can not stipulate questions of marital fidelity, chores and other non-property issues. The law also does not allow adjusted by marital agreement degree of participation in the education of children, is allowed to negotiate only maintenance costs.

Under Russian law, the marriage contract is designed to protect property rights and the means to protect property from one spouse to the other claims.

The most common cases of the marriage agreement - unequal marriages in which one spouse is much wealthier another, or marriages between two wealthy people who want to preserve private property and cash received before marriage. Under Russian law, in a situation where one of the spouses in a divorce left with nothing, and the other is obliged to provide him with a decent standard of living to the extent that the court determines.

The marriage contract does not cover child support in divorce cases the rights of children is governed by the Russian law.

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