Six disaster for honeymoon

Six disaster for honeymoon
 Honeymoon, gentle and sweet, remains in memory for a lifetime. But that's not often remembered romantic evenings and passionate confession, but the real disasters.
 Distress 1. Surprise!

You have a ticket to the white steamer, dreaming of how you will meet the magical sunsets on the deck and drinking wine in a posh restaurant. As a result, all seven days of sailing your new husband violently seasick, and drink wine and sunsets greet you had one.


Even if your fiance wash its hands while preparing for the wedding and says he will take whatever you come up with, do not hold the organization honeymoon alone. Such surprises are on their honeymoon can be catastrophic.

Distress 2. Health Problems

The doctors there even such a thing, "honeymoon cystitis". The result of the rapid sex marathon, especially if it happened after a long break, can become banal cystitis. Instead of long walks by the sea you will guard the place next to the toilet, and sparkling wine will replace the bitter pill.


Only two options: whether or not to abstain before the wedding or honeymoon begin to perform the conjugal duty gradually.

3. Do not distress season

No matter what the matter is - dishonesty travel agent or your carelessness, if you were planning to leave on their own, but instead of the azure sea and clear sky in front of you a huge wave of muddy and dull incessant rain.


Rain - it's so romantic! You can sit by the window and tell each other funny stories, or visit the spa salons all in the hotel, and you can not get out of bed, not only of the night, and all day long. Just do not forget about the disaster №2.

Disaster 4. Disappointed expectations.

You think that everything will be very different: the hotel is a luxurious and tasty cuisine, and a sea of ​​green, and the locals prettier and more energetic favorite! But the reality was far from ideal picture that drew your imagination.


Relax and enjoy what we have. You are far from the usual city, work and everyday problems. Next to you, with whom you are going to spend all my life and have at least three children. And what a difference that the sand on the beach yellow, not white, as promised in the travel agency manager.

5. An unknown disaster spouse

Only in the honeymoon turned out that your spouse is, creepy spender, bouncer and can not eat properly lobster!


You can not even imagine how many new and interesting things you learn about each other during future life together. Why not start during the honeymoon treat such discoveries with humor and condescension?

6. disaster Quarrels from scratch

You want to spend an evening alone together, and your husband is invited to the room a couple with whom you met yesterday accidentally. He ordered dinner in the restaurant, and you expect to meet the sunset in a secluded spot on the beach. You are offended, swearing and arguing, as neighbors by number - the elderly pensioners from Italy.


Ahead of many months, and they will not always sweet. Learn how to negotiate and compromise as soon as possible.

Honeymoon - a time of love, getting to know each other and romance. And how do you spend it, does not depend on the weather or employees of the hotel. After all, no one anywhere will not spoil the newlyweds on their honeymoon so sophisticated and irrevocably, as they are.

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