Runaway bride: how not to be one before the altar

Runaway bride: how not to be one before the altar
 Here come the wedding day. Excited and happy bride in a wedding-dress waiting for her future husband. But her waiting in vain: the groom as vanished into thin air, the phone does not answer. Bride on the verge of hysteria, her family does not find a place, imagining the worst, for example, that the groom on the road was in a car accident. And then it turns out that everything is much more banal and sad: he changed his mind to marry at the last minute.
 Humiliation, burning resentment, anger - this is an incomplete list of the senses, which are now raging in the breast of his wife failed. It is absurd to expect that it will ask yourself a simple and natural question: "Why? "But then, when the dust settles the most severe pain and confusion, it still have to ask, at least for the future will not be in the same situation. Indeed, how to behave girl, and her mother, too, that the bride was not alone at the altar?

It is clear that the bride over the period of time that separated consent to the marriage and the wedding itself, had bitterly disappointed in his future wife. But why, for what reason?

There are cases when the girl answered "yes", considers that the case has already been done, will the gentleman to stay. So stop pretending she begins to behave as accustomed. Embarrassed groom, unable to believe his eyes and ears, he suddenly realizes that his future wife, it turns out, is not quiet, caring and generous, and very selfish, frugal, and even whimsical! Moreover, she clearly loves to command, not suffering contradictions. Quite naturally, the groom immediately comes to mind: "Why do I sort of happiness? "And it is becoming every day more and more as the date of the planned wedding.

It happens in a different way: the bride does not reset the mask, it is really quiet, caring and generous. But delighted with the coming changes in their status and pride - a good guy in the acquired grooms! - It surrounds its excessive truly suffocating care. Wants to be with him every waking moment, continually making plans for the future life together, constantly asks: "Tell me again how much you love me! "Even without knowing that the bride longingly thinks," Well, everything was in a cage. " At the thought that this would continue uninterrupted in the future, it covers the fear.

Or, for example, after the ceremony engagement fiance began to frequent visit to the future father in law and mother-in. And they do not hesitate to future son-in quarrels, scandals, accused each other, in short, behave far better. Discouraged by the groom immediately comes to mind the proverb: "apple does not fall far from the apple-tree." And marriage no longer seems so desirable.

Remember, that the bride was not one before the altar, and she and her family have to behave sensibly!

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