Rumor bring before the wedding

Rumor bring before the wedding
 Idea of ​​the perfect wedding, all people are different, as well as a different way to the long-awaited wedding. Someone is long for this event, and some marry almost without knowing each other.

Very often, the events that occur in our lives come to us "by chance." Childhood friendship in the sandbox often turns into a great feeling and ends with the wedding. How often looking at the kids on the playground, we say that they are the future bride and groom.

The main problem of marriage "rumored" is that we are influenced by word of mouth, and begin to convince yourself that this is the only right decision. Very often we hear phrases such as "yes, he is very suitable to you", "you are the perfect fit with each other." But it's all just talk, the opinions of others. In fact, you and your potential suitor can be absolutely different people, was influenced by the views of relatives, neighbors, friends.

To avoid falling into this trap, you need to understand themselves and their feelings. Many such marriages fall apart even after years of living together, as both partners understand that fell into the trap of so-called "word of mouth". Finding true love, a person may experience terrible disappointment towards his wife. But again, many continue to live together, by inertia. Because it's supposed to and accepted by the neighbors did not condemn, and sorry for the children, as well as an established way of life.

Let the man in predicting husbands remain a friend, if it is not your "half an apple." Do not seek to please their parents, even if they strongly advise you to one candidate or another. That you have to live with her husband, to share the bed every day, to raise children, to live their old age. Life is tricky, it can not be beat again if made a mistake. Do not be under the influence of "word of mouth", listen to your heart and it will tell you the right solution.

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