Porcelain wedding

Porcelain wedding
 20 years of married life - a period sufficient, not small. Call this round date - Porcelain wedding. Porcelain is a brittle material, so treat him to be careful. For 20 years the couple has learned to appreciate their relationship and treat them tenderly.

Noting porcelain wedding, you need to take into account a tradition - table setting should only be of porcelain tableware. Better yet, if we new porcelain to 20 years of old was gone. On the table should be at least one oriental dishes, as porcelain came from the East.

Previously, a porcelain wedding arranged competitions molding pottery. Then the guests exchanged these souvenirs. Had good memories of the wedding celebration china.

On this happy day, spouses need to endow products from china. This can be a statue, or a service. But if a lot of guests, it is not necessary to give a ten-sets and figurines. Need to agree in advance with the guests what they want to present to the anniversary of the spouses.

The couple's wedding china to pretty adult children that do not require the care of self, and the couple themselves are very young. To them to relax and spend more time together, we can give them a ticket to the warm countries. Let they will live in a little fun.

An integral part of the holiday must be fireworks. This is an impressive sight will be remembered forever, and may be permanently become a family tradition. Instead of a simple bouquet spouses can present a bouquet of sweets. Horseshoe will be a great gift, because it usually brings happiness and luck into the house. Gave her husband and wish happiness. Reinforce his congratulations beautiful card.

20 years - a date when you can think that you can change something, and when it suits - enjoy life more. This is an opportunity to see family and friends and remember happy moments in life.

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