Play the game before ...?

Play the game before ...?
 Probably every couple thought about how you can diversify your intimate life. And this question, by the way, does not necessarily occur in five or ten years after the wedding, and can stand up and on the second date. The point here is usually interested in two people to experiment, that's all. If you want to try something new, but not yet ready for a costume nurse or a police officer, you can make a harmless game with erotic overtones. What? Turn on your imagination.

Very often, women's magazines give advice to girls before the walk with the young man does not wear a panty. Despite the banality, the idea is quite good, and you might as well take advantage of it in their game of love. Works very well this technique, when one partner starts to undress the other. Imagine that pulls you favorite blouse, jeans, and then discovers that something in your wardrobe is missing. Such a surprise can be very warm excitement, and thrills are guaranteed for both of you.

Here is another version of a strip. For him, you'll need a long silk scarf or even a few scarves, interconnected. Heard that the man did not excite much more nudity partner, and its easy bareness? It's time to see this in practice. While taking a shower or favorite busy with some other things, and undress sexy tie her naked body so that's improvised scarf. Your task is not simply roll up like a mummy or build on themselves outfit "a woman in a bath," and make sure that the fabric scarf covered very little, leaving your imagination run wild. By the way, if you provide your costume bows in several places and tie somewhere intricate loops, a man will be much more interesting to release your body of this design - because the fabric will be held in the most intimate places.

Tie each other's eyes. And it must be done before you undress and lie down in bed. Believe me, undress each other, seeing if anything, and focusing solely on the touch - an incomparable pleasure. Try to give vent to his hands and language. Believe me, nothing like you've never experienced.

One kind of oral sex is a game called "alphabet" is it that lovers write the language in the most sensitive areas of the body to each other all the letters of the alphabet in order. You can upgrade it's fun to include a prelude to lovemaking. Undress naked and start writing the language of the letters, but so that the partner could not see exactly what you are trying to portray it. Well suited for this purpose back or inner thighs. The task of the subject to guess what letter written by his partner. The game delivers both positive emotions and is a great aphrodisiac.

Whatever you choose, remember that the main thing - your imagination. Only depends on the two of you then, what will be the upcoming night: soft and romantic or passionate and fiery. Experiment with music, color and flavor, cook for each other delicious dishes and dance naked in the bathroom. Your intimate relations will be such what they do you!

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