Original wedding ceremony

Original wedding ceremony
 Wedding - beautiful, bright holiday. How do you want to and Suite, and their immediate family members and guests had fond memories of this celebration. And at the same time a couple of dreams that their wedding ceremony was not formally conducted according to the standard scenario. The bride and groom want something special, original. If desired, and some additional financial cost is quite possible to implement.
 Recently, very popular so-called themed wedding when the marriage ceremony or played in the retro style, copying any particular era or performed based on any work of art - film, play, novel. Of course, this wedding will require serious preparatory work (script writing, the selection of costumes, props, rehearsals), as well as material investments, but the result will surely enjoy the newlyweds and everyone present. Well, maybe except for some, the most conservative members of the older generation.

Some couples choose to hold the wedding ceremony is not in the registry office and on the road, that is, in a country cottage, a restaurant on the boat, etc. This version has a lot of advantages: no need to stand in line with other couples, no crowds, no hurry. However, according to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the record of the marriage shall be entered in the registration book, which can not be allowed out of the registry office. The employee may make this book only when someone from Suite for health reasons can not personally attend the ceremony of marriage.

However, given the current realities, the Moscow government in 2006 and 2009, issued a decree according to which the registry office can make exit registration for everyone Suite on the territory of historical-cultural and sports facilities in Moscow. The list of such objects, such as museums, art galleries, manor houses, the territory of the Grand Sports Arena in Luzhniki.

Finally, it is possible to arrange a wedding abroad. At a tropical resort, or in an old European castle, or on a mountaintop, or while traveling by sea. Would have the means and desire. It is best to organize the wedding ceremony with the help of a travel agency specializing in wedding such voyages. A marriage certificate issued by the competent authorities of the State in whose territory was registered your wedding, then legalized by the Russian authorities registrar.

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