Married "in a hurry"

Married "in a hurry"
 Many people get married, do not really know each other. Such marriages are also called for a quick marriage. And as each of them has its own history, its causes and its consequences - both good and not so.

Sometimes, just to meet and talk a month or two, people are already rushing to the altar. Married a quick overlook women of all ages. The reasons that drive them in this gracious intention to create a new family is as varied as the people's lives.

It happens as a woman eager to combine the knot that forgets to explore the nature of her future husband. Often, it ends a tragedy. And yet people are totally strangers to each other.
So, before you get married, it is worth all the mentally design life with their choices, given, of course, his outlook, outlook on life, not their own ideas about how you'll be fine together.
Often marriage pushes pregnancy. Marriages "by aerial" continue to lead the list of causes of a hike to the registrar. But it is doubtful whether the child can replace the real feelings of love. A duty is, of course, the concept is good, but it rarely does someone really happy. In this situation, it is worth considering the feelings of both people and how they want this marriage and the child.
Of course, if the child - the result of a great love, marriage becomes simply the logical conclusion of the catalyst and the union of two hearts. But frequent cases when a child is due to random communication and poor women is three options - abortion, marry and give birth in wedlock, or raise the child herself. However, it is a fact that even marrying a woman in the end will not appear with nothing.
And finally, another reason marriages quick - a great desire to be together. Of course, at the present time for this marriage is not required, but if people feel that they are ready for such a serious step, and why not?
By the way, according to a study psychologists, University of California, lovers, who do not pull the wedding, as a rule, are more successful in their personal lives and the divorce rate among them is less than that of those who for a long time looking at each other, and the wedding is in no hurry. The reason may be that the latter at the time of the wedding feeling is not the same as before. But the first time to do all the time - in the midst of love.
Funds are also marriages to obtain citizenship, residence and so. D. The legal basis of this marriage, of course, observed, but as far as can be called such marriages true - he was still a question.

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