Married and single step back

Married and single step back
 "Whoever enters into a marriage should be the judge of its own intentions and to consult only with a" - these are the words of the famous French writer François Rabelais. Almost every man strives to build a family, find a soul mate, to be happy in this life. Man is not so zealously eager to tie the knot can not be said about the woman.

When choosing a life partner, first of all, you must own feelings. Many women make the mistake, for example, when they feel that time is running out (this usually happens after 30 years), they begin to listen to others, they say, to the nurses, the fact come out. And in the end make the mistake of marrying a man she did not love.

It is known that a man should do in life three things: plant a tree, build a house and have a son. The women just need to get married. Not out - around all at once begin to look for the problem: why, what's wrong and stuff like that. If you build a family - well done. The men even harder. The tree is planted, the house was built long ago, and his son already brides leads. And what's next? And then depression crisis. The conclusion from this one: do not live according to some principles put in front of more and more new goals and not get hung up on one and the same.

Many people think of marriage since childhood. Sitting girl draws a princess in a white wedding dress, and presents this fabulous day. It grows, sees all around get married, watching brides in the lush dresses and also wants to make it at least for a day has become one of the painted princess.

Sometimes, women expect from marriage subordination, that is indulging in everything from her husband. These women - selfish, they realize that being a husband and wife can say, well, I - my wife, and now listen to me. Thus they cherished their selfishness, asserting itself at the expense of her husband.

Some girls try to marry, to prove that they can achieve their own, that they are attractive and can please men. And they choose husbands popular men say universal favorites.

Many women want to marry in order to keep up with their girlfriends. This usually diffident personality who fear to remain "old maid." For them, almost no matter who will be their partner in life, the main thing - do not stay the same.

In some cases, women are content with a civil marriage. Some of them did not initially set up to have a stamp in their passport, while others decide to check so your feelings, but the check is delayed, and in the future they will not see the point of registration. Whatever it was, in the genes of every woman's inherent desire to have a family, have a baby, that is, to continue their family.

Most often, women want to get married, to be confident in the future. Have children, to live a stable life, to take care of her husband and just quietly "swim" through life. Perhaps this approach to marriage is the surest, and most importantly - safe.

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