Married abroad. Where to start?

Married abroad. Where to start?
 You can arrange a personal life in many ways. One of them - marriage to a foreigner. If you really decided to seek his fortune abroad, take to search the chosen one and building relationships with the utmost seriousness.
 We must start with the definition of objectives. For some it may be just finding a kindred spirit, and for the other person - and a way to leave Russia for the better, in his opinion, the country. Based on their desires and organize search spouse.

You should understand that without knowledge of English though you will be very difficult. Of course, there are agencies that surcharge will translate your letter into the language chosen and even allocate an interpreter for a personal meeting. However, not every man will agree to the fact that his intimate correspondence read a third person. Even after marriage, you have to find a common language on their own. Therefore, sign up for courses or even buy a tutorial and daily engaged in, read books in English, watching movies.

The next stage - the search for a place where you can get acquainted with a foreigner. If you rarely spend time in foreign travel, and your work is not related to tourism, travel abroad or transfers, it will not be easy. It remains to hope for marriage agencies and websites. In the nineties agencies were the only opportunity for women to meet with the bride from another country. However, they are now more and more space inferior website. On the Internet, you are not constrained by the rules of the agency and are not limited to its rather narrow customer base. For example, on the international site Meetic you can find tens of thousands of men - the base, almost unbelievable for the majority of Russian agencies. But you can combine search methods. Free agency in the profile by selecting those that provide free services for women and simultaneously head of accounts at the major online dating site.

For men, especially in correspondence acquaintance, will be important for your appearance. So do not take the money and do some professional photos. They do not necessarily do in the studio - background could be nature or the interior of your apartment. It is important to have the right make-up and costume, and the photos were taken by a professional photographer. He will be able advantageously to present your strengths and hide flaws. You can decide how best to act - to place a photo in the public domain, or send his men after the first messaging.

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