Marriage - is an important event in the life of each

Marriage - is an important event in the life of each
The perennial problem of the relationship: she wants to get married, and it such a prospect is not very tempted. Because you can love one another without being officially painted, why do women so important this most notorious stamp in your passport? And why do men flee from him like fire?

It used to be the woman had nowhere else to go but to get married. As weaker beings are unable to hunt and defend their lives, women have had to live in a cave with a man who was stronger and could take care of them. Now everything has changed, ladies learned to hunt as well as men, and to protect themselves in today's society is much easier than in the primeval jungle, so theoretically, a woman does not necessarily look for a defender and supporter. But by nature can not escape, the desire is built into us genetically. Man and woman need each other. Actually, do not be this eternal desire for connection, the human race would have died out long ago.

Why is woman dreams about the wedding? Firstly, as there is weaker physically and, frankly, morally, women just need male support. A simple realization that she is not alone in this terrible world that there is a man capable to stand up for her, soothe, comfort and support, gives a woman of strength and lifts to the top of bliss. It does not matter that she - the director of the company and elect its only manager. The main thing is psychology.

An important component - social status. Community women married woman perceives as lucky in relationships and dobivshuyusya personal goals. And the woman, having entered into a valid marriage, feels the same. Men think that you can live in a civil marriage, because the male community, just accepts the status of a married man, as something negative. Each now ringed his Okrut, he will have less time to devote to the company ... and all that jazz.

Do not forget about such an important part of living together as common children. Woman instinctively seek to protect their children, even if they do not plan to. And therefore, to provide them with stability and confidence in the future. And what it will provide, no matter how official family? Of course, now a lot of people, including women, has a more advanced views and reject the official marriage, but in terms of legislation, children born in such a family, much less protected from all sorts of surprises than those that live in a family of normal. Responsibility for relations within the family is much higher than in a pair of people just living together. After all, there is always the opportunity to slam the door and leave, no matter how many you have not lived together.

Of course, to look at the law of marriage can be different. And every woman is free to choose: to become a housewife, scurrying from the plate to the washing machine, or remain eternal lover who saves his strength and nerves, and spends most of his time on herself. Some women do not just want any marriage, but generally long-term relationships, while others are happy to take care of all the household chores, and become the most loving and devoted wives and mothers. Everyone chooses their own destiny itself, and this choice should be primarily dictated by the dictates of the heart, not whispering girlfriends or even principled position man you love.

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