Marriage contract: not accepted, but must be

Marriage contract: not accepted, but must be
 Many newlyweds and it never occurs to them that their love can not be eternal. But time passes, people change, circumstances change, and often yesterday's husband and wife become bitter enemies. Divorce, property division, resentment ... Some of these problems can be avoided by entering into a marriage contract.
 The contract can be drawn up and those sbiralsya start marriage, and those already married. It regulates property issues, as well as some of the rights and responsibilities of spouses in case of divorce.

This document is created only for the purpose of dealing with financial matters, and can not contain any other items. For example, in the marriage contract is impossible to write a condition restricting the freedom of movement of one of the spouses or the prohibition of communication with third parties.

Will be deemed invalid and the document, which leaves a spouse without a livelihood, while the second takes the whole property. Most often, prenuptial agreements and decide the ownership of property acquired in marriage, but sometimes there are other options, such as the recognition of common property owned by the husband and wife before marriage and after divorce to be divided. There are conditions under which the property is divided not equally, but as his wife decided at the conclusion of the marriage contract.

Do I have to sign a contract in marriage, each couple decides individually. Many believe that any agreement on the division of property and divorce make less romantic relationship that the proposal for the conclusion of a marriage contract - is a sign of mistrust towards their future spouse. Some see in the marriage contract something humiliating. But what could be more humiliating than to divide the pots and lamps in a divorce? And the material side of life together - one of its most important components. And the desire to protect their interests marrying reasonably and lawfully.

Agree on how will be the division of property in case of divorce, determine the order of use of the common property, as well as take into account the interests of future children simply need when starting a family. Such foresight is not talking about distrust each other, and the responsible approach and an ability to calculate all scenarios.

At any time, by mutual agreement, you can change the terms of the marriage contract, should the need arise. But all the changes can only be subject to the consent of both parties.

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