How to Marry a chosen

How to Marry a chosen
 Marriage should be decided on only if you are sure that with this person you want to spend all my life, give birth to his children, reconciled with his habits. If your desire is meaningful, then proceed to action - you have chosen to push for marriage.  
 You have to prove yourself a good housekeeper - be careful, gentle and attentive partner, always demonstrates his interest in his affairs and problems. Cook it delicious, smite his taste buds famous masterpieces family, take the time and effort. Men love to eat, especially if they live far away from my mother. Often invite the gentleman to his home, cook his favorite dishes.

A woman who wants to get married, should be gentle and soft. A man must believe that without you it is very difficult, you do not have enough man's shoulder and support. So stop arguing and close your eyes to everything that you do not like - you'll be able to correct the behavior of a loved one after the wedding, or simply change their attitude towards the situation.

Expand your horizons - Interests of the things that attracted him. If a loved one likes to talk about politics, read the relevant literature, watch the news and demonstrate understanding of the subject. It is especially important that you hold the same opinion on the wave of men on - you'll look in his eyes ally. But do not turn dialogues interest in your monologue - it is clear that the subject matter may have much interest, but it should show restraint. Listen carefully to her man, and occasionally insert short phrases that demonstrate your awareness.

Try to be interested in what attracts your man - Requests for fishing, walk together to the competition, give him a themed gifts. Never criticize elect, his beliefs or interests - on the contrary, interested in his opinion, ask advice, ask for help. But do not overdo it, burdening their problems Chevalier - men do not like women who are trying to put the blame on them to solve their problems.

When a man introduces you to his family, try to gain their trust and location. Praise the mother's cooking and parenting practices, admire Papin achievements and personal qualities, look for points of contact with the brothers and sisters. You will gain allies and hasten the day when the favorite will make you an offer.

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