How to decide on marriage to a foreigner

How to decide on marriage to a foreigner
 Often brides feel hesitant before marriage with a foreign citizen. It is clear that in most cases they will have to married life in a strange foreign country, among unknown people, customs and laws. Therefore, in order to feel more confident, you need to seriously prepare.
 First of all, rasstantes with the conviction that the standard of living abroad is much better. In reality this is not always the case. Imaginary being, which can tell the future spouse, may actually accrue to the sweat and blood. Abroad a lot of money just do not pay. Will likely have to work a lot or suffer permanent employment husband. To live in a constant saving, even denying themselves that allowed in Russia. In addition, the lion's share of income may be used to pay for housing, medical insurance, etc.

Tune in to the fact that the first time you will need to intensively study the language and laws of the country in which you are going to go. Without this knowledge, you will never feel safe, not be able to look forward with confidence.

Get used to rely only on herself. Overseas relatives and friendships developed not as much as in Russia. And in the case of any trouble assistance may not be. Even your best friends in the case of domestic violence will not help you.

Analyze your relationships with the future elect. Much of his intentions can tell how you met. If this happens through a serious marriage agency, you got a little lucky. At first, the agency will take an interest in your fate. In addition, if your potential suitor purposefully looking for a wife from Russia, it is likely he needs natured housewife.

Do not rush to the altar, until will not be quite familiar. And for this we must, as a minimum, to communicate with the chosen one "live" and not on the internet or phone. It is desirable that travelers were in your country.

Consult a good psychologist. It not only helps you gain determination, but also learn to understand the interlocutor, to understand when he speaks the truth, and when lying. This knowledge will save you from possible fraud or exaggeration during a private meeting with a foreigner.

Finally. Before the wedding, please be money. Take them with you, so that the husband of them did not know anything. Such reserve "rainy day" will give you further determination and confidence.

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