How to choose a wedding

How to choose a wedding
 Infrequently, marrying young are planning to divorce in advance. Usually the couple dream of a long and happy life together and hope that they will have a wedding one and only. And, of course, want to make this event remembered many years later as a bright and happy.
 To select a wedding date Equally important is the money issue. Summer and autumn are much cheaper fruit, vegetables and flowers, and, therefore, you can save on these compulsory subjects. Besides winter bride's attire required additions in the form of fur capes, coats, muftochek etc., which significantly increase the wedding expenses. If you prefer outdoor recreation, summer - the perfect time for a wedding out of town in a recreation center or just on the waterfront. Guests young and themselves will feel much freer outside a cafe or restaurant.

On the other hand, many prefer winter freshness stifling summer znoyu. Well, if the restaurant, where you are going to mark a significant event, got air conditioning. Otherwise, both young and guests will languish from lack of air. Ladies always have control of makeup, so it does not floated from the heat.

In every area - their wedding tradition. In some regions, taken to the groom carrying the bride in his arms through the 7 bridges or even overcome some obstacles. The young need to think carefully about which option they are more comfortable with: or freeze the bride, groom or sweated.

If your family is traditional, you will have the choice of wedding date to take into account the requirements of religious denomination to which they belong. In the Orthodox Church is not crowned during a multi-day fasts, Carnival, in Easter week, on the eve of great feasts.

It is believed that in May - the wrong time for the wedding. Most likely, this sign was invented by Russian peasants in ancient times, because in May - the height of the planting. Distracted by the wedding at this time - an inexcusable waste of time to a peasant family. If left in this time married, on the urgent need to cover the shame of illegitimate pregnancy. It is clear that in such a family harmony and mutual respect often absent - father-daughter reproached for loose conduct, and the husband is not too much respect for the unstable wife. Currently, there is no reason to fear the adverse impact of the May family life: your happiness is only in your hands.

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