Chronicle wedding vicissitudes

Chronicle wedding vicissitudes
 The clink of glasses, noise and covers all the voice toastmaster, saying that the wedding party coming to an end and it's time to see off the young. And at this moment, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Everything went great. Scrolling in my head all the events leading up to this day, you smile, because everything that seemed difficult and intractable, now imagine a mere trifle.

Indeed, preparing for the wedding takes a lot of effort and nerves. Sometimes passions run high, so that there is doubt about the fact that the case comes to the registrar general. Every detail becomes a matter of dispute. And it all begins with determining the date of the celebration.

Some couples manage quite easily agree on the date of the wedding. If neither the groom nor the bride, nor their parents views do not coincide, in this case it is necessary to assemble and easy to listen to each other's arguments. If the bride wants a wedding in May, because at this time it is not too hot, but everything is green and blooming, and my mother's argument is merely superstitious "whole life will suffer," that certainly is better to listen to the arguments of his daughter.

To determine the date, you need to start looking for a place of celebration. The bride and groom have to take part in it, because it will be their holiday, and all that will surround them in this day should bring only positive emotions. Therefore, the last word for them. The case is extremely tedious, because have to do a lot of restaurants in search of the best. Have to take into account not only the beauty of the hall and a variety of dishes, but also how many people willing to take the restaurant if there is a terrace where guests can go out and get some fresh air, enough parking spaces and more. Therefore, to start with requirements and preferences, then it will be easier to choose.

If you are already engaged in a restaurant, so you know how much will be the guests. It is also often the subject of controversy. Parents want to invite all the relatives to the seventh generation, and the bride and groom want the wedding was more young and eager to invite as many friends. If the budget allows to satisfy all parties, then no problem. If you need to choose, then give preference to the most relatives and friends. As a compromise, we can restrict a relatively equal number of visitors from both sides. The main thing - do not forget the time to send out invitations.

Now the bride need to take care of themselves. After all it is - the prom queen. My mother, sisters and girlfriends must have patience and to provide moral support for the girl went in search of the most important dress of your life. You must be prepared for the fact that if you do not find a suitable dress for the first day, then every following day stress will increase, the dresses will seem less and less attractive, yet it will not come into hysterics. Do everything that it did not come. If you do not find anything interesting in the collections of ready-made clothes, sew clothes to order. Then you will be able to sell it to the same cabin, where it will sew.

While the bride is looking for a dress, shoes and a bunch of other little things the groom and his friends can do their work, namely the organization of the tuple, finding a good photographer and cameraman and other technical nuances.

Before the wedding is very long, and the toastmaster and the program has not yet been selected. All monotonous, nothing like it. Again, look for a compromise. Firstly, do not forget about the traditions of the bride price before the trip to the registrar. This is a very fun start of the holiday, which can easily organize groomsmen and groom, inventing various competitions. Active participation of witnesses is necessary. With regard to the program for a wedding in the evening, do not hesitate to give their suggestions Toastmasters and insist on the inclusion or exclusion of any moments from the script. This is your holiday and it should pass by your rules.

So, you're done. Rings, dress and suit purchased, restaurant, motorcade, photographer and toastmaster ordered hairdresser waiting. A few days left until the moment when the bride and groom will be announced husband and wife and start a new, complex, but such an interesting life.

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