Christmas Wedding: "pros" and "cons"

Christmas Wedding: "pros" and "cons"
 Some couples seek out carefully on her wedding day. They want to see this momentous event was very special. And sometimes some people think, if you do not set it on New Year's day - 31 December or 1 January. They think that the atmosphere of celebration and magic will add an additional sense and significance of this day.
 On the one hand, to conduct the wedding ceremony in the New Year has its advantages. Everything is already in anticipation of miracles, all a bit relaxed and friendly mood and the atmosphere among the guests will be decidedly more festive than in other dates.

Also will look great photos and videos - a bride in a white dress on a background of a city holiday illumination, decorated Christmas trees, fluffy snow.

Another plus - the long New Year holidays - it's convenient, because you can not even take leave for the honeymoon and leave for ten days together, and not run to work.

You will never forget this date, and your friends too.

But there are also disadvantages. For example, for religious people who observe the rites and posts, this day is not the most appropriate - is Advent, the second in severity and importance after the Great, during which no weddings, and no feasts are not supposed to.

Another negative - many guests will be uncomfortable to come to your wedding, since they may have their plans to carry out the New Year and maybe they planned to go on vacation. Also in the New Year holidays, when all concerned about buying gifts, preparing a New Year's feast or holiday, additional spending on a wedding gift can become too heavy for the budget and your relatives, and friends.

When you want to then celebrate the anniversary of their wedding, the problem may be with the guests will be repeated.

Another important point - before the New Year expenses for the wedding ceremony and the banquet can be several times more expensive than in other dates - it is no secret that the rental of rooms in these days is expensive, and a good book and a suitable room you need ahead of time. Do not forget to raise the value at that time almost all products.

And yet - New Year's Eve, this magic may inadvertently obscure the your joyful event, and no wonder, since the new year we celebrate every year, and the wedding - it's a special day, which should be a holiday only two.

Weigh all the "pros" and "cons", discuss it first alone, then with family and friends - whether they are comfortable will not celebrate the New Year as they wanted, and to come to your wedding? And if you do decide that a wedding that night be, we can only wish you the happiest become Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

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