Choosing wedding music

Choosing wedding music
 Known fact that the wedding - is, first of all, a feast for the guests than for the young. Therefore, when it is necessary to take into account the tastes of the organization invited relatives, friends and acquaintances. Musical accompaniment wedding - an essential attribute of the celebration, so I chose the music should warm the hearts of not only the couple, but more guests.

Music for the wedding scenario. Perhaps you are a fan of all new, original and unusual, and the traditional understanding of marriage you disheartening. Then you can arrange a wedding of a real show, stylized it in the evening of rock 'n' roll, Brazilian parties, etc. Respectively, and the music is Latin, "boogie-woogie" or hard rock. For guests do not come to a state of mild bewilderment, warn them in advance about the topics of the wedding celebration.

Traditional music. Usually classic wedding first dance begins with the young under quiet waltz music. Then the leader puts popular songs and hits of today and yesteryear, with alternating melodies for parents and relatives, and the catchy singles for young people. In order to properly distribute the order of songs, you need to make a list in advance of the musical preferences of the guests. Let each of them to write five favorite songs, and you give them the DJ or Toastmasters.

Live music. Musical accompaniment sounds spectacular wedding at "live" playing the instrument. You can invite accordion that evening to sing ditties perky young, but you can organize the whole orchestra, inviting professional musicians with their equipment. Live sound tools to your favorite songs will bring joy and youth and invited guests, because you can make a real concert on demand.

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