7 mistakes bride

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 Bride and groom preparing for the wedding ceremony, dream that their wedding was a bright, memorable and best. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In addition, in the preparation of the bride and groom can make this or that mistake. To avoid missteps, need to know where you can go wrong.
 The bride is going through the most on the eve of the wedding ceremony, it is therefore wrong more often.

1. Desire girl look one hundred percent natural and understandable, because this day is a once in a lifetime. But we should not rush to extremes. Let's say, a few days before the wedding, you suddenly realize that you have the extra weight. In no case do not sit on a diet. Of course, you will throw off the weight, but your body will be exhausted, the person will lose a healthy shine, and his eyes will be tired. Diet you can apply one month before the wedding, and you should not drastically limit yourself in food consumption.

2. Some brides wedding preparation completely take over. Do it at least inappropriate. Of course, you can make part of the tasks, for example, to pick a restaurant, to negotiate with the florists will be about the menu. But to assume fully the whole range of tasks is not necessary. This can help you to professionals (for example, the organizers of weddings), relatives, friends. You only need to clearly plan: who will do what.

3. In preparation for the wedding ceremony and the bride and groom may be in a state of depression. This is natural, since the entry into family life - a crucial step. During this period, you should try not to make scandals, tantrums. Only one way out - to find a compromise. A woman should be a little wiser than men, so its best to prevent quarrels.

4. In no case do not delay making a list of guests for later. This needs to be done first. Even when you go to book a restaurant menu and be the administrator first ask you about the number of guests, it is from this figure depends on many things.

5. Try a day ceremony not cry, do not get angry and do not frown. Remember that you are under the gun cameras and camcorders. And even if the wedding no one will notice your mood swings, it will be seen in the movies, and possibly in the photos.

6. Do not flirt with other men at the wedding, even if you decide to do it in jest. This gesture can be regarded relatives inadequate, and yet you still live with them and get on need.

7. Prepare necessary accessories in advance. Imagine this situation: you have decided on the day of the wedding veil pat, and burned it. What to do? Of course, you can buy a new one, but the mood is spoiled already. Or are you doing makeup and hair for the first time and a few hours before the ceremony. And what if you do not you do not like your appearance? Repaint! And the time it is?

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