Strong woman

 Among the many sex games known to man, perhaps, only fetishism in any way associated with clothing. Despite the fact that this is hardly possible to detect the influence of fashion, nevertheless the connection between these events from time to time is much stronger than it seems at first glance.

Fetish may be the subject of a lady's jujube (primarily) wardrobe - from boats black stilettos to lace lingerie. At the same time sexual attraction has long been a whole has now become a certain stamps. And these stamps inevitably realized sooner or later in fashion trends.

Like This,in collections autumn / winter 2007-2008 atBetsey Johnson on the podium, for example, appeared flirtatious maids in traditional white apron and black uniform dress with mini-skirts. Image maid has long roams men's magazines along with nurses, flight attendants, burlesque dancers. Often played out recently in the fashion collections and an image of a schoolgirl who is very popular in Japan in a sexual way and gradually migrates to Europe.

However, sexual fetish is so powerful tool thatin the world of high fashion is usually used only as a spicy seasoning.Model, based or directly quoted, for example, the same maid, would be too vulgar and no fun. In the real masters, they can only be framed collection or source for creative imagination.

Nevertheless, this summer, manyfamous fashion house world renown decided to beat almost direct quote from one sexual fetish - image of a strong dominant woman with all its bells and whistles, that place just in men's magazines or on erotic websites.

Balenciaga, Givenchy, Giles, Dolce & Gabbana, Jean Paul Gaultier, Fendi, Jil Sander and many others are not simply put their models in patent leather and elastic latex, but also used many other chips sexual "housewives". As a result, their sexuality is acquired outright aggression and touch of vulgarity.

However, to explain it's probably easy.Summer collection The overwhelming majority was so romantic, cheerful, airy, sweet and soft as whipped cream, just sometimes reduces the cheekbones. Add to that another craze white, and then you will be quite obvious: was supposed to be a counterweight to all the sweetness of goodness.

Another reason that led the development of creative thinking designers in that direction was, apparently, a return to the podium exotic materials such as laminated leather, plastic, latex. This is the legacy of brutal 70s spawned sandals made of transparent plastic, laminated leather skirts and tunics of thin latex.

If we are such brutal materials are used in the most common subjects of ladies' clothes and offered for each day the most common young ladies, it was bound to push on world's catwalks and brutal images. So they come to us.

As a result, we have seen (most notably the Italian duoDolce & Gabbana) A rare variety of hard leather and vinyl corsets. They cover the chest, waist and hips, firmly fixing them as a carefully constructed structure. Or simulate curvy hips and a narrow waist, not even rising to the level of the chest. Or, alternatively, provide ample bosom and slimming waist to form their sexy contrast.

In this case, corsets can be from a single piece of leather, and from fancy weave leather straps with metal buckles and rivets. However, they may be combined - body (a simple swimsuit somehow do not dare to call it) of the smooth laminated on top of a light skin may be covered with dark braided straps.

However, such use of these images just says that it is only a game of fetishes. After all, leather belts excite just when they contrast with the female nude pale skin. Modern designers same (unless, of course, they do not create clothes for sex shops) are not intended to cause such an unhealthy excitement.

And in his game in fetishes are not limited to corsets, polukorsetami, corsages and body made of vinyl and leather. In the course went black silk, lace and satin, which, as it turned out, like skin, good "go to" a variety of metal rivets. Moreover, they turn into deadly metal spikes.

These spikes appear not only on dresses, skirts, pants, corsets or bags, but also on the shoe. To put it all on himself in ordinary life, one must have a lot of courage. But to try on the image of a strong woman, and you have to be such. Infantile subtly creatures have no place in this series.

However, this enthusiasm had been ill and designers in the autumn-winter collections substantially softened these ideas, though not completely abandoned. Thus, the deadly metal spikes on the black leather boats turned in the sameDolce & Gabbanajust elegant decorative rivets.

Moreover, while maintaining the formal similarity brutality summer turned into autumn easy glamor. As a result, for example, on the bagsMulberry looks very nice contrast to the white soft skin and sharp spines gold. A coat by Givenchy metal spikes turned into large quadrangular golden rivets.

Olga Pokrovsky.