Dress for Juliette: what to wear on February 14

 Gradually getting used to the new holidays, we're almost recognized her and traditional in western Valentine's Day. However, why we do not recognize its another holiday if: a) makes our men talk about love; b) allows us to replenish your wardrobe with something airy, romantic and sentimental ...  

Probably no one would argue with the fact that Valentine's Day was created just to revel in the romance. It is peculiar to women, even if they look like on the outside confident business woman or immersed in family affairs housewives. Declarations of love (even if they are slightly artificial, provoked an opportune moment) usually inspire and pleasantly caress female vanity.

But if you treat this holiday without irony, and are going to be happy to spend the evening dating, you have to take care of the appropriate "gear". It is clear that the general mood is sure to be romantic. But the images in this style can be very different depending on what it's relationship with you and your partner, and what exactly do you expect from this meeting.

If your relationship has yet to come in the first phase and quivering would you like to look cute, innocent, sentimental, you should choose in the collections of leading fashion houses corresponding models. White embroidery, ruffles, skirts on the cover, the traditional length at knee level - is one of the options. All this is well known, and it is unlikely that image in the current fashion season is very different from the previous year. That's just not worth it now abusing bows. They somehow not in favor and require the use of low-key, although you should not just abandon so sweet finish.

Another, more current version of the sentimental and the girl's innocent approach to the creation of the corresponding image - is the use of current trends laconic. For example, there is an interesting model Chanel dresses made of silk ribbons and thin transparent grid. A fashion house Vera Wang, which is generally characterized by a romantic approach to create the image of a modern woman, offers direct rather minimalist dress of silk satin with a high waist and a couple of modest decoration artificial flowers.

When you are ready to take the plunge and want to openly show it to your counterpart, your choice should emphasize your sexuality, and hint at the erotic nature of your meeting. The easiest way to achieve this - to use lace fabric or transparent grid, which were so popular last summer and have been preserved in many collections of winter.

In fact, what could be sexier connection transparent black mesh (smooth or with a woven pattern) and transmission through her white-pink naked body? Options can thus be varied. For example, Oscar de la Renta uses feminine silhouette era forties and fifties with a narrow bodice and skirt lush volume. And if the skirt is made of dense velvet, silk, satin, the bodice may be just black transparent grid.

But prone to severe elegance in almost all subjects of ladies' clothes fashion house Hermes this time offers an almost extreme variant of a narrow black dress with a transparent black cloak cape-style of the Middle Ages. Add to that long black gloves (preferably satin) and high black boots - and in front of you, few can resist.

However, a transparent grid does not have to be black. This season, many designers (such as Italian duo Dolce & Gabbana) use in their creations motives of Napoleonic France - era, which in itself was very romantic and full of ardent passion. So dress in the style of the beautiful Josephine with flounces at the neckline, a high waist, puffed sleeves can be made of transparent chiffon cream shades. And it is very attractive, as it will allow any lady to show bright femininity.

However, long-standing relationship with your partner or spouse does not mean that you will be deprived of a romantic candlelit dinner. Love is love. They say that the real feeling only grows stronger with time, like a good wine. So, Valentine's Day and for you to be special. And today there are many ways to look romantic and new for your lover or spouse.

Lightweight multi-flying skirts, blouses with lace or all of the same multi-layered chiffon; combination of lush ruffles and smooth knitted fabric; long satin tunic complete with leggings or tight pantyhose; capes woven tapestry fabric colors and fur boa - all this creates an elegant attractive image, regardless of age, body type and position of any woman. Add here the date this season, finishing (eg, pens, which will allow you to float like a cloud gently, shaking her lover) or complex exquisite embroidery.

Well, the last. As you may have noticed, we are in this article was mainly about the dresses. And it is likely, of course. If we go on a romantic date to her lover, then at least on this day must make a concession to the traditional image of women - weak, trembling, sexy, innocent, romantic, seductive. And what better way to combine all these qualities than a dress?


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