A tale told by night

 What to wear in the most mysterious and beautiful evening of winter? Famous designers have prepared extraordinary dresses for New Year and Christmas parties.  

For special occasionsLike the embassy reception or a ball fitting evening gown full length - or even to the floor with a train. And for the party at a restaurant or a friendly circle suit cocktail dresses - short dresses, most often to the knee or higher.

Eminentdesigners and fashion houses every year on Christmas Eve updated its range of cruise collections, certainly including some variants of cocktail dresses. Major trends this winter - bright, not dim color, smooth texture, simple silhouettes and constructivist elements cut.

One of the most impressive cocktail dresses this season - graphically outfit from homeYves Saint black and light yellow taffeta skirt with trapezoidal lying stiff waves. Another option - unconventional for an evening dress with long sleeves, catchy electric blue combined with black, elegant tribute to 70th.

Lemon yellow silk used for my Christmas hits andbrand Proenza Shouler. Constructivist creation of designer brands like folded paper origami. The dress is very short, scarcely cover the hips and will only fit slim woman with perfect feet. Looks great with black stockings contrasting color, black is best, and shoes to match.

Fashion HouseDonna KaranIn contrast, prefers the traditional feminine slim silhouette, but the mysterious shimmer fabric and sequins in honor there. This winter, Donna Karan offers to celebrate the New Year in a flowing dress, a case of scarlet matter entirely embroidered with sequins. Something like this, but the simple scarlet satin offers and Roberto Cavalli. This is a great option for women with classical figures "hourglass".

Modulations and shine sequins and attractedMarc Jacobs. His lilac-purple dress in the spirit of the 80s up to mid-thigh and 7/8 sleeves will fit any woman brave enough to be the center of attention at the party. Such a catchy addition should be selected neutral accessories - still overshadow a Christmas tree should not even recognized star holiday.

American designerMichael Kors proposes to assess the possibility of metallized jersey. His cocktail dress from the current collection recalls golden net thrown over the shoulders of a woman to mid-calf. Restraint, but sexy. Another hit from Michael Kors - stunning dress with turquoise colors of the Iranian "American armhole," decorated with rhinestones and artificial stones. Not exactly the traditional material used for evening dress in the houseVersace - Finest black husky, texture almost indistinguishable from silk.

Veronica Gudkov

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