Typical errors fashionistas

Typical errors fashionistas
 A small detail, which is dressed inappropriately, can spoil the impression of even the most fashionable wardrobe. It is necessary to understand what kind of errors can prevent a fashionista?

Fashion for bruising

At one time in vogue fabrics that look slightly dented. Wrinkled clothes gives a rather unkempt and very old. Wear such clothes can only be on the beach or at home. So before you buy another fashionable novelty of crumpled tissue, be sure to think. Not all fashionable clothes adorns.

Two in One

Many ladies love to surprise people around them. Autumn is not over yet, and they are already wearing spring fashion accessories from the latest collections. This is the case when the data are absolutely out of place. Wear things from one collection for a particular season. It is not necessary to mix styles and seasons. Or try to mix with taste to it immediately is not evident and it was not so noticeable. Your clothes should complement and blend rather than contrast.

Caution with white

The white color full, known to all. So be careful. Avoid pure white trousers and skirts, tights, if you do not want to visually add a pair of extra pounds. Dilute white range of different patterns and colors.

Light bottom, dark top

Your clothes and shoes should be in harmony in color. Picking up the color of shoes, remember that even though black and white approach to everything, but it is likely to make a mistake. For example, the fall in any case is not recommended to wear light shoes with a dark suit.

Ornaments to decorate

Before putting on jewelry, vote them - if they fit your clothes and your style. Always select the correct length of the chains, earrings, necklaces. Remember that short neck ornaments make it visually shorter and give the impression of suffocation.


Underwear on the bottom and then to stay there. Trendsetters such as Valentino, Karl Lagerfeld just wondering when under transparent beige blouse wearing green lingerie. On the streets of our city can contemplate not only green. Underwear can be compared with the soul. It can not show the first comer. Hide straps from bras to wear with pants with a low waistline low melting wear underwear under color of clothes - all these rules of etiquette. Masters believe that fashion is fashion, and Parenting.

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