This Parisienne: species and habitats

This Parisienne: species and habitats
 The image of this Parisian well as mysterious and unpredictable as she is. Refined and elegant? Yes I Am. A few careless and independent? Yes I Am. Vulnerable and strong? Yes, yes, that's all it is - a contradictory, incomprehensible, mysterious Parisian. Comprehend the mystery of the woman is not easy, and to help those who feel a genuine opportunity to reveal the image of a resident of the French capital, was written a wonderful book "Comment devenir une vraie Parisienne". Sisters, Irene and Helen Lurcat have realized the impossible: they offered to the readers detailed characteristics of the various Parisian and told where they can be found.

So, what Parisian exist in nature? If you believe a wise Lurcat, we can talk about the seven kinds of these fascinating women. For the first two categories are women, are the epitome of elegance and sample the ability to attract attention at first glance quite inconspicuous clothes - girls and BCBG BCBG 12th District. Representatives of the first category can not afford to attend the expensive salons clothes, and forced to settle for more than just a store. However, this does not prevent them to find the perfect costume, designed in the same color palette. They welcome any deep shades of black and do not accept. If all of your interests are centered around family, you already have or want to have many children, and the choice of your heart educated and intelligent, you are almost ready BCBG! It remains only to purchase a plaid skirt or short plaid pants and jacket outfit complement of zhatogo material and remove hair by the band (what it will be larger, the better). More affluent ladies, pay tribute to fashion labels and know a lot about luxury, belong to the group BCBG 16th District. To join them, turn into a lady Ideal - perfect hairstyle, perfect house, the perfect costume (not only permissible pastel beige, and black tones), as well as the perfect man - in terms of Parisian 12th BCBG its main advantage is attractive appearance and the ability to give it a luxury life. 

Another Parisienne - a trendsetter. For her, there are no rules - she creates them. Moreover, she is credited with the first find and open all that will soon become popular - from cafes and restaurants to designers. This woman has a stunning intuition and impeccable taste, because it has no room for error. Each element of the image carefully thought out and carries some information. By the way, the clothes she gets not only in fashion houses, but also at flea markets - because there you can find a lot of interesting! It can be found anywhere, but not where there are all - in fact in a place she would have no interest. Forever is in search of the unknown, it is characterized by creative initiative and thinking outside the box. Who is her companion? The Man. And that's it.

Among these Parisians there are those who can not imagine life without his beloved work. This is their main novel, endless and passionate. Very often the work forms their style, pushing the stringent requirements for the dress. However, the existence of a dress code does not hinder workaholics to stay perfect in its strict elegance. These women spend the least time in stores, and to save time may get one thing different colors. A man in her life - and a successful business man and major hobbies is ... work, work and only work.

A completely different way embody hippies - the freedom of the children and nature. All the latest trends of modern life - her horse. If you enthusiastically learning the secrets of self-discipline, learning new yoga poses, you know all the truth of a separate food and stand up for the environment, you have almost become the perfect embodiment of this image Parisian. It remains only to buy clothes in stores that sell offbeat and unusual clothing. And beware of fashion designer things - a lot of other Parisians.

Many people like to justify their own lack of style insufficient amount of money in your wallet. And thus close their access to the title of "resourceful" Parisian - another species of resident capital. She is not rich, but guess this is impossible. Always elegant and flawless, she manages to create stunning outfits, not having any money! What did she spend on her? Own time, because in search of things she hardly leaves the flea markets. It successfully solves even the most difficult tasks that she thinks of fashion and intuition always tells her where now the best sales.

The latter type of Parisians - an intellectual severe. Absolutely do not think about their appearance and while away the evening alone on the books (often under the cover of the classic works of masked volume of romance). You can recognize them not only for casual clothing, but also a kind of "uniform" - shapeless things not in size, borrowed from parent wardrobe and lack of ornamentation (as well as men, enthusiasm and confidence in their own beauty).

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