The rules for choosing a style and color of clothing

The rules for choosing a style and color of clothing
 When a woman feels beautiful, and at the same time it is convenient, it becomes happy. To make yourself happy, you need to spend quite a bit of time: think about how best to choose the style and color that will make you beautiful and make you feel comfortable all day long.

Choosing clothes, be guided by the proportions of your figure. If you think that there is something that you need to correct, do it with the help of a cut or a certain style.

The costumes and sets are very women who have a low waist and not too long legs. Jackets, blazers, blouses desirable straight cut. Clothes should be a little loose. Avoid horizontal strips on the bottom of the set.

If you have wide hips and waist high, do not get close-fitting clothing, large pleats on skirts and patterned in the hips. You will look very good wide belts.

A combination of overly long waist and not very long legs can be balanced by means of the belt, which is located slightly above the natural waistline. Good on you will dress with a high waist and geometric pattern.

In that case, if you belong to the category of donuts, prefer clothes with a fine pattern or solid color dresses. For example, very good on you will look like a classic small "peas" and a narrow strip.

Broad face and a very long neck win by wearing clothes with an open neck, V-neck, collar bright colors, you really will collar "apache".

Conspicuous tummy will help to hide blouses worn untucked. Skirt, prisborennoe front, or a skirt with a yoke laid folds also make you more slim. If you like the dress, then you are straight, slightly extended to the bottom tselnokroynye styles.

Fabric pattern and color can also make your figure more harmonious. In terms of color stop to such coloring, which would you refreshed and age appropriate.

If you are young, for you vibrant colors and colorful drawings. If you approach the middle-aged, prefer noble color, more calm and subdued, and in the colors appropriate to follow the rule: no more than three colors simultaneously.

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