Right makeup lips

Right makeup lips
 Dazzling smile has always been an important part of female beauty. However, even if the girl is very beautiful smiles, the impression may be ruined because of ugly, cracked skin of the lips, rasteksheysya lipstick. Who wants to kiss those lips groomed? Without a doubt, learn to make the right makeup lips should each representative of the beautiful half of humanity. After all, seductive, sexy lips - this is one of the cherished key to a man's heart ...

Today, the beauty industry offers a variety of resources to women's lips always looked tempting. Shop windows we can see a variety of lip gloss, creams, gels, balms, lipsticks ... In short, there are plenty to choose. By the way, lip makeup women used since ancient times: the inhabitant of ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, ancient Rome used the berry and vegetable juices in order to make the lips bright, saturated color. A Russian beauties painted lips slice beets.

The first lipstick appeared thanks to one of the Parisian perfumer. Master created the prototype of modern cosmetics from animal fats, vegetable oils and waxes. However, the price of a lipstick was extremely high, and therefore used it only a few women in France. But today, lipstick or lip gloss - an integral part of the content of women's handbags. Today, the right lipstick can choose for themselves absolutely every woman: aromatic or odorless, light or fat enough, bright or pastel to dark or light skin tone.

Today, many women learn specialized publications in order to learn how to make the right make-up and look stunning. Many people wonder - how do you make a great make-up lips? In fact, it's quite easy. The first rule - to choose the right shade of lipstick or gloss. For example, thin lips fit pearly shades, with the effect of "wet lips." For too full lips, by contrast, are ideal matte shades.

Before proceeding to the application of lipstick, you should create a foundation: Apply to lips foundation or loose powder. Then you need to draw the contour of the lips with a pencil, and only then apply lipstick. It is best to use a special brush for applying a cosmetic product. If you want to make maintained as long as possible, blot already painted lips dry with a paper towel and then put another layer of lipstick. Flawless makeup lips ready!

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