Preparing for the New Year corporate

Preparing for the New Year corporate
 By the choice of attire for a corporate party should be approached responsibly - it should be festive and match the style of the organization. What's good for the New Year celebration in a circle of friends will not always be appropriate in a team of colleagues and employees.
 New Year's corporate - is not only an occasion to show their beauty, style and charm. The main purpose of the event - informal communication. And it does not mean that one should not observe the chain of command and behave too relaxed. Everywhere needed moderation and restraint - in how you behave, what you are wearing. Choice of clothing should think in advance, so you get rid of turmoil and will feel more confident.

Callers and revealing outfits are not suitable. You'll look vulgar in the company of colleagues and superiors. No ultrashort skirts, dresses with plunging neckline and transparent dresses. Dress modestly, but stylish and tasteful. Consider your position in the company. If you occupy a leadership position, you just have to look simple and elegant.

A great option for corporate attire evening - dress. This feminine and romantic piece of clothing that with proper selection of style and color will emphasize the advantages of your figure. Win-win situation - a black dress fitted silhouette length just below the knee, with a minimum of decorative finishes. Lucky colors - indigo and rich dark gray. When selecting textures give preference to thin durable fabrics, but not get carried away translucent accents, lace and lace. If a party takes place in style carnival, the choice of dress is simple - relevant topics of the evening. Retro style will always help - to masquerade it is quite restrained and laconic, but meets all the requirements.

Selection of accessories depends on the dress, but it is necessary to consider the place of celebration. If a corporate party is held in a restaurant, you can put on a spectacular jewelry (necklace, ring with a stone, elegant bracelet), but for a holiday in the walls of the office will be enough aristocratic suspension and modest earrings.

Do not forget about the hair and makeup. Even if in everyday life, you do not paint, then New Year's Eve requires perfection in everything. Apply a low-key makeup and make interesting styling. A drop of your favorite perfume with heady aroma - and you will make a lasting impression on colleagues.

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