Organic clothes - what is it?

Organic ?
 Organic clothing, also known as environmental, appeared not so long ago, but has already won themselves adherents worldwide. What is it? Clothing, for the manufacture of which went only natural, environmentally friendly materials. Production itself should also be environmentally friendly, on any stage thereof should not be involved substances toxic environment. Use of labor should also be completely ethical.

Ecological clothing should take care not only about health, but also about the environment worldwide. This so-called ethical clothes, in the manufacture of which the interests of the animals were not harmed, and they did not tested.

Organic clothes - it's completely natural materials. Proponents of natural clothing believe that any synthetic skin prevents the body to breathe freely and prevents free ventilation, thereby creating favorable conditions for bacteria and germs. The skin becomes irritated from synthetics and dry. Environmental clothes while wearing does not irritate the skin, does not prevent her breathing, it can absorb moisture without feeling wet strongly and quickly dries. Natural fabrics are not spoiled for a long time, virtually gathering dust.

The main raw materials for the manufacture of ecological clothing: fiber cotton, corn or bamboo. Moreover, these plants should be grown without the use of any non-environmental substances, various chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Also, do not allow the participation of heavy field equipment.

In Russia today is not easy to find clothes Organic. The domestic textile industry is not guided by ethical standards, cotton is grown using pesticides and heavy machinery business. But in other countries, environmental clothing - a very common phenomenon. In Paris, held each year Ethical Fashion Show, there is shown only the most ecological and ethical clothing. To take part in this exhibition, the manufacturer must give evidence that the manufacture of clothing does not use child labor, that there is no extra charge for the products, the price is due to the real cost of clothing, as well as all employees of the company socially protected and their rights are not infringed.

There is a list of substances prohibited for use in the production of organic clothing. It includes a variety of bleaches and dyes, chemicals recognized. This list is updated annually.

But we should not think that the ecological clothes - it's a rough cloth shapeless things, vaguely reminiscent of canvas bags for potatoes. Not at all. Organic clothing today is at the forefront of fashion. Demonstrated at shows more precisely a collection of clothes, and she looks comfortable and exclusive. A number of designers enthusiastically took up the development of ecological clothing.

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