How to define your style

How to define your style
 Casual clothing can make a person attractive and help to win over others, and maybe push, put in an absurd and ridiculous light. Therefore, the choice of their own style of clothing, should be given special attention.

Start with analysis of their own desires. To do this, you need to determine what you like in appearance of other people, how would you like to look at what clothes you feel comfortable that you are comfortable and that seems challenging.


Before defining your style, find your tsvetotip. To do this, turn on the bright lights, remove from the face of the whole makeup. The Mirror by special tests try to determine to which of the four major tsvetotip you feel about (take into account your natural hair color): spring, summer, autumn, winter. This procedure will help you know what colors in clothing suits you best.


Wear clothing that does not conceal the figure (leotard, tights, etc). Stand at the large mirror, set up his hands to the sides, feet together. Consider the hips, waist, chest and shoulder line. According to these parameters, specify which type is your figure: A-shaped figure, H-shaped, I-shaped, O-shaped, T-shaped, X-shaped. According to the type of your figure should be clearly defined, what kind of clothes can hide its flaws and what will emphasize dignity.


Analyze the lifestyle that you lead, how much time to spend at home, at work, in public places, the celebrations on walks, etc. Consider a look at these cases, the most optimal.


Reconsider fresh fashion magazines and fashion trends at sites that tell exactly what trends prevail now.


Explore the famous clothing style: feminine, unisex, business, bohemian, gothic, ethnic, etc. Based on all follow steps, you will be able to clearly define your style that best fits your body type, tsvetotipu, lifestyle and personal preferences.

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