How to choose a fur

How to choose a fur
 Fur products have always been a measure of respectability and wealth - the high price paid off incredible performance. The appearance on the market has led to a huge range to choose between natural and artificial materials, forgery and quality. You can select the fur, focusing only on price, but a high probability of acquisition of forgery.

Assess the fur visually.

Choosing fur, inspect it - fur should be thick and shiny. Length fur should be the same everywhere, no cavities and bald spots.

Feel the fur. Good fur is always pleasant to the touch, and if his crush, he quickly restores shape and straightened. Move your hand, checking the stability of the pile - fur should not crumble and break even after twitching. Podpushek should be thick.

Smell fur - there should be sharp and unpleasant odors.

Try the product and feel its weight.

Weight of the product depends on the method of manufacture and use the technology. Choose fur, just try on clothes, you can not, but you can determine the quality of the candle. Too heavy fur clothing uncomfortable to wear, and this is no different quality dressing. "Weightlessness" products - an indicator of shearing fur and violations of drying technology. Choose a model that on your subjective feelings, has an optimum weight.

Consider the "origin" of fur products.

Often counterfeited Greek and Chinese fur, so pay attention to the information on the label and price tag. Italian and domestic producers supply products to withstand our climate.

Consider pieces (if the product is sewn from small skins).

The larger the skins, the stronger will be the product. Scraps must be stitched together, the presence of adhesive significantly shortens the service life and reduces cost.

Check the quality of staining (for colored fur).

Multi-colored fur is very popular. The quality of the color depends on the appearance of a fur product, so do not hesitate to check color fastness. Spend on fur with a damp cloth - no trace will be an indicator of quality and compliance with all painting techniques.

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