How to become a glamorous

How to become a glamorous
 The word "glamor" in our society is often used with a negative or pejorative connotation. However, millions of girls tend to imitate the images of movie stars and the socialite, glimpsed in the pages of glossy magazines. Here are just a desire to "oglamuritsya" young ladies forget about a few important rules.
 And all this begins the road to perfection with well-groomed hair and a clean, fresh skin. Maintain a permanent, make a mask, rinse, watch your diet, get enough sleep, walk in the fresh air. After two or three months of such a regime and yourself, and the surrounding people will notice that you have changed for the better, are much better look and appearance of your purchased additional femininity.

Make a figure proportional. No one is forcing women to adhere to all the polls of a "standard." But if you see that you have more than the top down, and vice versa, and the waist has a reserve for weight loss - help figure acquire complete, proportional, harmonious forms. Glamorous clothes tailored in such a way as to emphasize women's dignity - neck, waist and legs. Keep this in mind and work on yourself.

Wear fur. In any season. Clothing and accessories fur always look glamorous and stylish. Fur can be any: longhair / shorthair, natural color / painted. Observe only a few conditions: do not wear the rabbit (he will always look cheap), do not wear at the same time different types of fur, comply with the measure. If you can not wear real fur - use a good quality artificial noble colors.

Prints for painting animals. If possible, it is certainly possible to give preference to natural things made of fur and skin of wild animals. Easier to find clothes and accessories just reproduce them in color. For example, look stylish bags / belts / leather shoes reptiles. If you like coloring "leopard", allow her to me. Just remember that the suit should be only one thing with such a print is not worth while to wear leopard dress, shoes zebra and take bag crocodile. Also, remember that all these things have to sit perfectly on you.

Lacquer things - another glamorous accent. Thing can be fully or partially lacquer. Such as shoes, bags, belts can be varnished or lacquered decorations have. Do not limit yourself in color - used not only black, but red, green, blue, azure color. But, in this case, lacquer thing should be in the form of one, and it will attract the attention.

Metallic - without "a glamor do not pass." The most popular finishes - gold and silver. In this case also need to very carefully add these brilliant decoys in your wardrobe, especially gold. Thin chain or bracelet, gold-rimmed glasses, a brooch, a thin belt - ample "gold" at least. " If you think that the gold-colored dress will look good on your ideal figure, wear it. But then exclude gold ornaments. Since silver can be accessed more easily, but that does not mean that you need to put yourself at the same time all of their holdings.

Choosing a gold or silver trimmings and accessories, be sure to make sure that they fit in style to your wardrobe.
And of course, read not only glossy magazines, but also good books, to form. Otherwise, all the glamor could end at the moment when you speak.

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