Fashion: What do they have?

 If you think that, walking in the evening Berlin, Hamburg or Munich, you'll see women or men dressed Cardin or Versace, deeply mistaken in this. No wonder they say that tourists from Germany around the world are distinguished by their white socks worn under sandals.  

The question that asked one of the German newspapers to the readers: - "Why would a man wear? "- 62% of German men and 57% of women said: -" In order to accomplish its task, cover with cold parts of the body. " Yes, exactly, practical, and no hesitation about feeling beautiful

Second only to the convenience and feasibility of clothing Germans called freedom - that in any case never sting and not rubbed! Well, and then participate in the selection of clothing other criteria in descending order: sports, still not old in terms of fashion, but discreet.

By elegance seeks only one in ten men and 17% women. What's new fashion watches, only 4% of men. And to attract attention outfits want less than 4% of women. Hence the picture that they see tourists coming from the CIS countries to Germany: sneakers, frayed or torn jeans and t-shirts with fleece.

When I first moved to permanent residence in Germany, just horrified. In Russia, people dressed bright, colorful, eye-catching. I brought home a few expensive fancy dresses and costumes that six years of living here so never once wore. In Germany, "rasfufyrivatsya" is not accepted. This is a sign of bad taste. So are all my little things in the closet and wait for the hour when I throw them. And throw a pity - it's part of my life, the memory of the past.

Eventually, I began to buy the clothes that go to the Germans. It is modest, comfortable, and then I generally come to the conclusion that their clothing is much more comfortable. Germans try to wear things that do not need ironing. Strict business suit or dress shoes worn by women only in large, reputable institutions. And so, almost all go in jeans and sneakers. Often you can see plump, lost their shape women's T-shirts and leggings! This, of course, on the part of not only terrible, but also funny. But you would have seen them! As they go! How are you! They do not care what people think about them around, and think it at all.

In Germany, no one on your appearance does not pay attention. Women hardly use cosmetics, and paint only on carnival. I was in France, Holland, Belgium - such groomed people there practically can not be found.

In my opinion, as such, there is no fashion in Germany. What you want is, and walk. Again, it is not accepted splurge friends or colleagues. And here one year money is saving up for a jacket or boots.

Last summer, I went home to Russia and almost fainted from what he saw: meet old friends, laden like a horse with two very heavy bags to shoes with a narrow, twisted nose to the sky, and the broken arch supports. I asked her why she was in the shop wearing those shoes? She said that now the only such model shoes sold in the market.

Somewhere I read that to be fashionable is not very difficult if you have the money, but to be stylish - a great art. The desire to dress well, look better than others, so that his outfit could hit girlfriend, or "kill" her opponent on the spot - the dream of 80% of women from the CIS countries.

Everyone understands that transforms a woman clothes, makes it sexy, confident in his own irresistible. To dress well, do not necessarily have a lot of money. You need to have a subtle flair and exquisite taste, and, of course, a fantasy. And a sense of proportion, certainly can not hurt.

Sofia Kazhdan

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